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{tableaux cloths}
My inbox is often filled with of all sorts of great blog-related e-mails, including one from interior designer Mark Cutler, whose latest design includes the cheekily named Tableaux Cloths, which he designed “to fill a need I had for a low cost, yet stylish solution for a covered table.”

The Tableaux Cloths come in beige printed with a black image, but can be custom coloured. They are currently available at Colburn Sassaman, which ships worldwide.

According to Mark, “I love the whimsical blend of antique and modern . . .”

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  • Gloria White said...

    How can I purchase these table coverings by Mark Cutler?

  • perfect bound, I was thinking the same thing about these and the ideas in the last issue of Blueprint, and almost did a post on the subject :)

  • Dear Glamorous – I have to laugh re: your response to Polly’s comment :-)

  • These remind me of the look on the last Blueprint cover. I love them both. A wonderful find, fun and light hearted!

  • How fabulous are these?!!! So unexpected, I love them!

  • Certainly, Vie Chaotique–I’d be happy to add to you my links.

  • I will be happy to let you bow out. Thanks so much for your gracious comment. Perhaps you will consider adding me to your link exchange. I will of course reciprocate.

  • This is perfection! I am off to find out how I can get some for the shop! Love your blog.

    BTW – Tag you are it. Come visit me on my blog to see what I mean. We are having alot of fun!

  • Oh! I was just on hi blog. I love these! I will have to check out the details. Thankyou!

  • Why thank you, nunich :) Thought you’d be a fan of these.

  • Nunich said...

    RAD table cloths! again a wonderful post and find: you’re marvelous.

  • Polly, thanks for comment, especially since you live in a log home! I am assuming you mean the stacks of firewood, and not Mark Cutler’s Tableaux Cloths? :) And you do bring up a good point that I hadn’t thought of, as I do at times overlook the practicality of things in favour of style.

  • It does look great, but as someone who lives in a log home with a woodstove, I know that it’s actually a wonderful way to get spiders and mice into the house. I wonder if it’s just done for the photo shoot.

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