{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}


{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}

Love Betsey Johnson‘s amazing pink maximalist home featured in this month’s Elle Decoration UK.

{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}
{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}
{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}
{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}
{pretty in pink: betsey johnson}

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  • Such a beautiful & inspired apartment. I think pink is often shied away from for a wall colour, and it’s a shame because it is so vibrant & looks so pretty! I just did a post on my blog recently about pink kitchens – I should have included Betsey’s on it!

  • Unbelievably stylish! What fabulous inspiration.


  • As completely cool as Betsey – can you imagine doing dishes in that sink surrounded by such pretty vignettes? Sigh.

  • I adore it.
    I really love maximalism and anyone who has been depressed by a minimalist environment would find it easy to be comfortable about themselves in this kind of interior. I think the pink is a master stroke! So often maximalist environments can be so sedate and serious. This space I think conveys a sense of fun and the pink can act as a positive influence, lifting up a person;s thoughts to be more optimistic.

    Rock on.

  • Thanks for stopping by, franki! I completely agree–the pink is fabulous! In theory, pink walls, flooring and furniture would seem a bit much, but seeing it in practice, it comes off as a warm and lovely place to stay.

    (Also agree with your comment about handbags at “All the Best”–being a Miu Miu girl, quality is always better than quantity when it comes to many things, but especially accessories.)

  • I have to say… I love the pink. Who’d have thought I could envision myself enveloped in a pink-hued home. But I’d gladly stay the night, the week, the month in Betsey’s cozy, lively pad.

    Nice images!

  • Actually, she did it herself, katiedid, but I would agree that it’s quite Adler-esque.

  • This is sooo Betsy, and so it should be! Who was it that helped her with the interiors? I want to say Jonathan Adler, but maybe someone else? I can’t remember.

  • I know–the pink is a bit much even for me and I’m pretty crazy about pink! I really like the yellow dining chairs against the pink walls and the way the chandelier pulls everything together. That wastebasket in the bathroom is cute, but don’t you think it’s curious that her bathroom is all white?

  • Crazy crazy Betsy…

    The bubblegum walls are a little much for me, but the decor is awesome. I love her pairing of mid-modern with more romantic pieces. And I love that little wastebasket in her bathroom!

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