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Style Inspiration | Parisian Shopping: Black Week 2020 Part 1


Style Inspiration | Parisian Shopping: Black Week 2020 Part 1


Style Inspiration | Parisian Shopping: Black Week 2020 Part 1


These past few days I walked into the November sunset, into a marvelous light that bewitches, for Paris has a certain energy, an energy that feels like being plugged in to electricity. Here, you don’t have to go to a special place to find beauty. Look around wherever you are and you will see it: the parcs; the libraries and museums—but mostly on the streets.

And while I am writing this article with the windows open to the crisp cold of November and listening to Cello Concerto in A Minor, Op. 129 by Robert Schuman being played by my neighbour, I am overly excited at the idea of being allowed some more freedom this next Saturday; to having some of the shops open again and being able to enjoy the Black Week sales directly in stores as opposed to online, as well as Christmas shopping for loved ones.

Here is my shopping list for this year’s Black Friday week sales. I picked the most Parisian items you could shop right now. Please note that due to lockdown in France, certain brands postponed Black Week by a week.

And last and not least here are a few reminders for you:

Curate your wardrobe

Make a list of the things you really need

Look at the composition of the items (stop buying polyester, elastane, acrylic, or nylon as more than 50% of the composition); go for wool and cashmere, or cotton cashmere, cashmere and silk. Most of the articles that we are getting rid of from my clients' wardrobes are the items made of synthetic fabrics. Buying affordably does not always work out to be the cheapest option because in the long run you’ll keep buying the same items over and over again.

Purchase pieces that fit you well and fit your style



Style Inspiration | Parisian Shopping: Black Week 2020 Part 1


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Daniela Chelariu, Travel Editor, Paris
Travel Editor, Paris

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