Editorial : Lauren Hutton for Violet Grey


01SHE’S THE FREE SPIRIT PAR EXCELLENCE who redefined American beauty and the supermodel with one of the longest spanning careers in the industry, beloved by the likes of Diana Vreeland and David Bailey. In an impossibly elegant editorial for Violet Grey shot at the legendary Lotus Club in New York City, Lauren Hutton shows just how well she has retained her effervescence and charm. The colour palette was autumnal hues—a silk brown dress worn under a vibrant scarlet red vintage fur coat, accessorised with opera-length byzantium purple leather gloves and leopard print pumps. Details, of course, are of essence: perfectly styled hair, black sunglasses, and a Tom Ford netting veil are a must. 

02 In an accompanying interview by her close friend Anjelica Huston, Hutton remains her honest and genuine self—fifty years in the industry don’t seem to have changed a thing. She confesses she has been slathering herself in coconut oil since she was 22, and never used sunscreen until quite recently. Most of the time, however, is spent reminiscing upon her adventures with anecdotes, like that time she used her experiences in Africa and the Amazon to channel them into photoshoots with Richard Avedon, where he played ‘Mustang Sally’ about twenty times in a row so that she could dance to it; or when Diana Vreeland remarked “You! Have quite a presence”, whereby Hutton learned that by not having a presence, and simply being herself, she acquired a presence—a rather abiding one. —Victoria03 04 05 06 07Quote08 09 10 11 12Images & interview via Violet Grey.

Victoria | Contributor, London
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