Ava Smith by Eric Heck for Porter

01EVERY GIRL DREAMS OF BEING A PRINCESS and wearing long satin gowns with gilded hair accessories in a castello in Italy or a château in France. This fall, Porter made it a reality, with the model Ava Smith parading around the enchanting Gardens of Ninfa, just outside of Rome, in this fall’s most dramatic silhouettes. There were red hues—whether in a liquid silk made-to-order Carolina Herrera dress or a crimson textured coat—along with exquisite embellishments and luxurious lace teases that conceal and reveal just the right amount. Impeccable drapery acts as an accessory in its own right, whilst feathers give an ensemble just the flair and lavishness it needs.

02 The fact the shoot is set against such a majestic backdrop—described by Princess Vittoria Colonna as “more like a small kingdom than a private estate” when she first visited Ninfa in 1901, and in turn, is home to a long and convoluted history—only makes it more enthralling. It was when the princess peeked into the portal of Ninfa’s secluded garden, that she laid eyes on the man who would propose to her in a few hours—Leone Caetani di Sermoneta, heir to the Ninfa. Whilst the marriage didn’t last, the lure and grandeur of the Ninfa endured through the ages. —Victoria03 0405 06 07 08 09 10 11 12Images via Porter Digital Edition.