Mary Katrantzou Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear, London

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mary katrantzou

IN THE PAST, we saw this particular designer make a guest appearance at someone’s nuptials earlier this summer, but a while back at London Fashion Week, Mary Katrantzou got everyone in a fluster again.

Taking a break from what used to be her signature bold digital prints, the London-based Greek designer returned to the runway with a beautiful swath of glistening fabrics that entranced everyone there.

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mary katrantzou

Inspired by the early geologic times when the earth was dominated by a supercontinent called Pangaea and disintegrated over time to create the seven continents we know today, Katranzou’s latest Spring / Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection was a global affair. Models were adorned with shifting fabric that appeared like little lava islands floating down the glistening runway that mimicked the fine dust from black rocks.

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With pewter green duster coats paired with roomy silk trousers, delicate pleats with sheer tulle stripes, the collection was a dream of lust-worthy fabrics and arresting colours.

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Sea bead panels brought a crystalline effect to the swinging baby doll dresses and an injection of silvery blue, yellow and orange kept the fire going.

mary katrantzou

mary katrantzou

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Later, the inclusion of sharp black guipure lace stitching came to play, as the pieces all began to transform and change before us. Camisole tops, slashed skirts and long sleeve dresses with mesh netting came to life and moved in way that fabric hadn’t before.

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Creating a playful hybrid of fantasy and exploration, this collection was as crisp as ever. —Anita

MK RTW SS15 :LFW (15)MK RTW SS15 :LFW (16)mary katrantzouMK RTW SS15 :LFW (17)[Photos courtesty of Vogue UK, stylebistro, ShowStudio & @marykatrantzou on instagram]