Erica Pelosini’s Capri Wedding for The Coveteur

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In the very opposite direction of Lana Del Rey‘s summertime sadness, summer here has been sunshine, smiles and most importantly, plenty of weddings to celebrate. First came a Delevingne’s and then Mrs Huebl’s and now this. Earlier this month in Capri, Italian stylist and designer Erica Pelosini married her Dutch shoe designer beau, Louis Leeman, in a gorgeously fashionable affair.

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Informally known as Florence’s fashion sweetheart, Pelosini’s impeccable style and grand taste has made her one to follow, with her wedding being inevitably a highly anticipated event.

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Instead of closing it off from the public, Pelosini hired Jake Rosenburg from The Coveteur–a website dedicated to providing exclusive access to high profile events and brands–to document the event from start to finish.

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Cocktails and dinner at the lemon tree-lined Da Paolina restaurant began the wedding weekend, which was followed by a fabulously vibrant bridesmaids brunch featuring special guest, Mary Katrantzou, whose designs were worn by the bride & attendants. As well, everyone were given espadrilles made by Pelosini’s husband’s brand; Pelosini herself wore a one-of-a-kind pink dress.

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In addition, Pelosini and husband-to-be, Leeman, both sported a summery wardrobe with bold separates, chunky jewellery and personalised heels and dresses courtesy of Italian designer Emilio Pucci and artistic director Peter Dundas.

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On the big day, champagne was flowing as the girls gathered together in their sea blue Pucci bridesmaid dresses.

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In a white satin dressing gown with the words “BRIDE” on the back, Pelosini stepped into her custom-made Peter Dundas creation and was a vision.

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A delectable dream of boho chic meets timeless elegance, her wedding dress consisted of a lattice criss-cross neckline with pompoms and a dramatic asymmetrical train, accessorised with white lace-up Aquazzura sandals and a bright bouquet of daisies.

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Later, Pelosini sat atop a unconventional sunny yellow construction truck on the way to the grand ceremony at Certosa di San Giacomo.

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Walking down the aisle with a piano rendition of her favourite Rolling Stones song playing, the couple said their vows and kissed as a fleet of white balloons (a modern spin on the traditional doves) floated up to the sky.

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Capping off the weekend, the duo invited all friends and family to a luxurious boat trip around the harbour for a final goodbye. —Anita

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[All the beautiful images courtesy of Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur]