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YOU MAY HAVE SEEN glimpses of the office [above & below] on Design*Sponge and around the interwebs early last summer, long before the careful collecting of pieces for a gallery wall, before sending prints and artwork off to the framers, for mattes cut, and gold-leafing . . . | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

[Above, taken last autumn]

There were a few pieces that were always going to be a part of the configuration — a Kate Moss for Supreme poster shot by Terry Richardson and framed in black, a watercolour of flowers in a vase from a sleepy Saturday morning antiques auction up the road, and framed butterflies from a Sunday morning antiques fair in a city–and country–far away . . . but the rest, the rest are extravagantly chic limited edition art prints from Arte Limited, a lovely gallery in Rome. | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

To begin with the composition, selected three prints by Judith van den Hoek, a fashion illustrator based in Gouda, Netherlands, being drawn to the artist’s simple, minimalistic outlines. Van den Hoek has been illustrating as far as she can remember, and today, specialises in fashion illustrations for commercial clients and private collectors, as well as for publications, magazines and advertisement. There is a quiet elegance about her work, and the pieces in my collection [above], are Untitled I‘. Giclée Art Print, ‘Untitled IX‘. Giclée Art Print, and ‘Untitled VII‘. Giclée Art Print. | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

Above, the gallery wall today, as it comes together — had chosen two white frames and one black for the van den Hoek pieces, intermingled with the existing works had spoken about earlier. More pieces will be added over time–perhaps a graphic print as well as an abstract watercolour–for but now, quite adore how it is falling into place, although will most likely gold-leaf the corners of Untitled I . . . | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together
Another piece in the new collection is by Paris-based artist and illustrator, Caroline Andrieu, the daughter of a French printer and a Slovakian librarian. The artist was always drawn to classic drawings, surrealism, contemporary art and graphic novels. After graduating from the Ateliers de Sèvres and EPSAA, Caroline Andrieu worked as the art director of Condé Nast Digital France for five years, running the Vogue and GQ websites. | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

She now focuses on fashion illustration, selecting photographs from Paris, Milan, London or New York each season, and offering her own take in ink & colour pencils. Recently, the artist’s drawings have been attracting clients from around the world, and has collaborated with Rouge and Vogue, BMW and Lancôme, as well as Printemps Haussmann in Paris, who has commissioned her work on several occasions for window displays. | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

Above, thought it might be lovely to gold-leaf Caroline Andrieu‘s ‘Untitled XVII’, and hang it in the bedroom, amidst the toile. | At the Office : A Gallery Wall Comes Together

Above, and so long as there was gold-leafing, thought it might also be lovely to add gold corners to the framed butterflies . . .


And finally, another glimpse of the space so far . . . gallery walls always seem to take longer to assemble than first thought, especially when constructed organically and in a free-flowing fashion, and there’s gold-leaf involved, but it is always, always worth it in the end . . .



[Also added to the collection are ‘Muse 597’a giclée art print by Conrad Roset, which was framed and painstakingly painted with gold leaf paint, but since it is a larger piece, still deciding where to hang it. There is also ‘Untitled IV’, a giclée art print by António Soares, still unframed.]

List of works featured :  ‘Untitled I’. Giclée Art Print by Judith van den Hoek // ‘Untitled IX’. Giclée Art Print by  Judith van den Hoek // ‘Untitled VII’. Giclée Art Print by  Judith van den Hoek // ‘Untitled XVII’. Giclée Art Print by Caroline Andrieu // ‘Muse 597’. Giclée Art Print by Conrad Roset // ‘Untitled IV’. Giclée Art Print by António Soares

More information :

Arte Limited Gallery
Via dell’Orso 21
00186 Roma

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone (international): +39 0683795007



[all images, iphone photography by This Is Glamorous, with the exception of 1&2 and bedding, which are shot by P.F.M.]