5 Books to Help with your Health & Fitness Goals


    Mark Verstegen founded Athletes Performance in 1999, which is now regarded as one of the finest training centres for elite athletes in the world. In Core Performance, Verstegen lays out a comprehensive 12-week fitness and nutrition program on how to train like an athlete. The program is well-rounded and focuses on strengthening the core muscles as well as emphasizing improving flexibility, which many programs fall short on. You can also visit the Core Performance site to access their online training tools and resources.

Starting a fitness program can be a challenge, especially if you don’t feel confident with your knowledge of training. There always seems to some new fad that promises to deliver the secret to fast results. The truth is, fitness is process that takes time and dedication. If there is a secret, it probably being consistent with your workouts and exercise over the long term. The other key to success is a better understanding of how your mind and body work, so that you can make better decisions. Here are 5 books that will help you along the way.  -P.





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