{fashion inspiration | runway: altuzarra fall 2014}


Joseph Altuzarra presented an eclectic collection featuring handwoven pieces with dangling strings, bodyhugging dresses with colourful slits and wrap coats with generous collars. At first glance, it might seem difficult to guess the main theme— that is—until one’s mind settles upon the idea of contrasts . . .

. . . the contrast between the sleek and the chunky, the subtle and the strong, the traditional and the modern, between colours and materials, between the tailored and the knitted. All this has been achieved through a real sense for craftsmanship, the designer’s vision of true luxury.


Marzena Czyzewski

Fashion & Travel Contributor, Berlin

Marzena has a deep interest in everything new—people, cities, styles, books or new banana bread recipes. When she is not working on strategy and communication for the Berlin based start-up Amazine, she loves spending her time exploring new places, drinking strong coffee and writing stories for her blog, reading the latest issue of The Gentlewoman and taking instagram pictures.