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. . . p and i were watching a program one evening awhile ago, about the theory of technological singularity, i.e. “human biological enhancement or brain-computer interfaces”, or simply put, the [rather sci-fi] notion that one day, our brains will be melded with computers, and p likes to tease that it has already happened to me, as am always & forever attached to one device or another; and so, in an renewed effort to achieve a work/life balance, this week began a little differently . . .


. . . instead of spending the day at the office, most of the day was spent, instead, outdoors in the late-spring sun — a late lunch and a leisurely walk through old neighbourhoods and pretty parks, a stop by a favourite café to sit at the carerra marble tables for two on the terrace overlooking the cityscape, only stopping to check the iphone once or twice . . .




{p.s.} but of course, one must return to the office eventually, and it is always lovelier to work in a space that’s light & bright and filled with flowers, beautiful artwork, and most certainly, bits of gold, as in these photographs sent along by dallas of her new office . . .


[images: photography by alison conklin for dallas shaw]