{two lovely things: trompe-l’œil & morning coffee}



. . . there are few things lovelier than tufted velvet and that first morning cup of coffee, especially if the tufted velvet is a grand headboard, but what if it were not a headboard at all, but actually wallpaper? [one of the best trompe-l’œil, ever, should think, and the next best thing . . . ]


[recent two lovely things]

* ponytails & polka dots
* a place for everything
* shades of autumn
* lace & leopard print
* ruggedly refined
* green & white
* open shelves & elegant black

* perfectly mismatched

{images: wallpaper via rockett st. george via pinterest, image via madellia; e n e r g y by neamoscou via a previous post}