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A wonderful trip must always begin with preparation and organization. Proper organization defeats any what-ifs and mishaps and can save you from little disasters that may unexpectedly occur.



Now, this certainly does not entail bringing one’s entire home within a suitcase or two, but it does make use of the essentials, as well as many additional small items that can come in handy at the most crucial moment.


Over the years, I have received advice from a lovely neighbour, who often travels the world, speaking at conferences as well as vacationing. Along with some of the wonderful tips she has shared, combined with a few other things learned along the way, I hope to assist you in planning for your next journey.



To be certain that everything is covered, one must make use of a comprehensive list. Attached, you will find a lovely list that I’ve assembled, suitable for all seasons of the year. Please download and print as many as you need, check the boxes and add any additional information that you like . . .



Some additional helpful packing & preparation tips:

01 Keep a copy of your list. There is always the chance that your baggage might be misplaced, and so, with your list, you have evidence of exactly what your luggage contained.

02 Keep in mind that only 100ml of liquid per container is acceptable on a plane. Often your local drug store will carry small, fillable containers that are the perfect size.

03 Download helpful apps ahead of time to assist you in your travels, such as maps, destination information, weather and even common phrases for that specific country (rather than packing physical maps, books and such).

04 Be sure to look into the country of your destination – will you need to pack an adaptor?

05 There are some wonderful tutorials on how to best fold your clothing, including full skirts, for travel.

06 Always keep a little sachet or two of your favorite scent within your luggage. Upon arriving to your

accommodations, you can also refresh your footwear by placing one or two within your shoes.

07 Add a special marker to your luggage so that you might distinguish yours quickly amongst the rest upon picking it up at the airport. I often tie a favorite ribbon of the moment to mine.

08 If you are flying, be sure to visit the airline’s website /airport for specific information on luggage weight limits, size and more.


The “perfectly packed” list was developed & designed by sarah klassen for {this is glamorous} — please click here to download



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