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“Art has no end but its own perfection.” – Plato

To create the perfect piece of art requires a number of variables to be in order — in the world of ceramics, for instance, the potter must manipulate matter, energy, time, and space — and with that, can produce an infinite number of potential works of art.


So many factors are a part of what will result: there are countless ways force can be applied, limitless possibilities of what shape will evolve out of clay, and the timing, duration and intensity of the heat all play a role in the outcome.


And so it is with life — there are many factors, like the time, place and the energy that we invest — that play a role in creating meaningful and beautiful lives.


Ceramics and home accessories designer Reiko Kaneko certainly has merged beautiful ceramics with a beautiful life. Born in Britain, Reiko spent her childhood in Japan, and continuously draws on influences from both British and Japanese cultures, blending the two in the pieces she creates.


Having studied Arts and Design at Central St. Martin’s College, Reiko specializes in ceramic design and supplies bone china design. In 2007, she established a design studio in London’s East End, where she creates the most exquisite home accessories and fine bone china tableware — gorgeous pieces like her renowned boat, which was first launched at the famed Maison & Objet show in Paris earlier this year.


Featured on the pages of publications such as Vogue Living, Elle Decor and Marie Claire to name a few, Reiko has become one of the top designers in ceramics today.


This week, she imparts her:



{top five favourite pieces of advice for young artists & designers:}


1. I find the more I learn, I realise how little I know, so my first piece of advice is to always keep trying, experimenting, and learning.

2. Use all the tools available to you — for instance, YouTube and google are great senseis, or teachers — don’t underestimate them!

3. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be faithful to your dreams.

4. Live every day as if it’s your last, but also live as if you’ll be alive for a very long time.

5. Above all, enjoy everything you do — a lot!


~ laily