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It is true that a picture can convey a thousand words through just one still image — but what if that image is so divine it simply takes your breath away and there are no words?

Romina Shama is a Swiss-born, Egyptian-Italian fashion photographer and film director whose works will leave you utterly speechless, for she does not merely photograph her subjects, but rather, it would almost seem that she is illuminating their thoughts. Romina, who lives and works in Paris, combines the raw beauty of natural light along with the classic style of an analog camera to produce a strikingly delicate and cinematic effect in her photos. Her photography leaves us wondering about the romantic daydreams of her subjects and makes us long for the heavenly, dream-like escapes portrayed therein.


Having studied film in addition to photography at Central St. Martin’s School in London, Romina and the work she produces have undoubtedly been impacted by aspects of cinema. This week, we asked her:


{what are the five most intriguing ways the study of film has influenced your photography?}

Roland Barthes wrote: “… an image produces death while trying to preserve life”. This very feeling is exactly what attracted me to photography. I started thinking that in avoiding life, I may be able to portray it. I started focusing on capturing “absence”, or the “let go” feeling in all my subjects and landscapes. I decided I wouldn’t “take” them.

2. There’s a cinematographic feel to my photographs and a very photographic feel to my films. They are linked. Together they help me avoid the fact that we perceive time as linear.

3. Films that are made for the sole purpose of creation inspire me very much. To me, they make time feel dimensional. Sometimes, they make me want to capture every frame of them.

4. The timelessness of great films.

5. The fact that I always wished I could pause life and rewind it at times.


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~ laily

{images: all photography by
romina shama}

Laily Mesbah
Contributor, New York City

Laily lives in NYC and began contributing to This is Glamorous in 2011 - interviewing designers for a popular series called Favourite Five. Her background ranges from studying documentary photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to founding Project Flora, a company that works with florists, event planners, and socially-conscious brides and grooms to resell flowers after events, donating a part of the proceeds to charity. She currently runs a digital media and marketing company servicing an array of clients, including Flower Girl NYC and Lushlife Nailworks. Her new column, La Fête, explores trends in the world of event design and planning.

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  • Wonderful :o

  • thank you Sarah Klassen – your note is so kind, i am glad you are enjoying the posts!

    nesar – aren’t they just beautiful?


  • wow.
    these are so vintage.
    i love them.

  • Laily, (and Roséline) this is just lovely!

    I could have seen the first image, without seeing the photographer’s name and known for certain that it was Romina Shama. She has such a style that is uniquely her own. I love how you have described it —I read it and literally said aloud “yes, exactly!” This series is such a treat and I enjoy every single post.


  • stunning!

  • beautiful photography. love the elegance of them :-)

  • thank you for all the sweet comments ♥

    Rachel {Inspiration in Italy}- thank you for your kinds words. i completely agree, romina’s work is just dreamy! hope you are having a wonderful week as well.

    fxox – thanks for your lovely note!

  • fxox said...



    Romina, your work is stunning. Thank you Laily for a great post

  • Laily,

    I’m so glad you shared Romina Shama on today’s favourite five… I’m in love with the cinematic effect! It was so interesting to learn that she uses natural light and the classic style of analog camera combined to create this dreamy result! The soft feeling is utterly glamorous and so beautiful. I also love that through this technique, a very raw and natural beauty is exuded.

    I absolutely love how much her study of film has influenced her photography, because I’m a big believer of every experience having an effect on what we become — especially in the particular area of the arts. Wow, the number one way is so fascinating and I am in awe of how she used Roland Barthe’s quote. She is so inspiring and really speaks to me with her intelligence and creativity!

    Wonderful post Laily, thanks & hope you and Roséline are both having a fantastic week!


  • in love with this photographer, thanks for sharing! the way she captures light is amazing.


  • Roseline, this has to be one ofmy favs! I love how the pics look in motion,

  • roseline – adore the pictures, especially that last one as she is walking away and the light is filtering through – utterly dreamy. did you see the gorgeous black and white photography from monday night’s met ball afterparty and preparation shots? bisous.

  • beautiful imageries!! I love how it transports me into that dreamlike world!!! ADORE!!

  • Absolutely beautiful…

  • such gorgeous dreamy photos! love them. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  • I love the use of light in these images, just beautiful…

    Have you seen Traffic People yet? I love their SS11 collection, blogged about it here:

    (Very reasonably priced which is always nice too)

    So much prettiness on your blog, I do love it so! It always leaves me sighing happy sighs!

  • I agree and feel the same, what dreamy editorial! xoxo

  • These photos are absolutely ethereal!
    The highlight of my day is looking at your blog!

    Peace & love


  • such lovely photography. absolutely adore the dreamy analogue photographs. x

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