{happy monday}


. . . hello again! . . . monday, monday, and after a perfect weekend of
astonishingly spectacular autumn days romantic lunch dates and sun-soaked and golden trees, the still-lingering and intoxicating scent of freshly fallen leaves intermingled with warm apple crumble, it’s back to work, although must confess quite adore the start of a new week, and this morning it’s french coffee and sesame bagels fresh from the oven and many more beautifully inspiring things to come later in the day, but for now, dashing out the door, a little too chilly for leather shorts and heels, but perfect for a belted trench and high-heeled boots the colour of silver-lined clouds . . .

lovely to see you again & hope your week is off to a brilliant start,

{p.s.} thanks so much for all the wonderful comments & e-mails over the weekend xoxo
{& one last thing:} if you’ve only just arrived, this week’s give-away: the always stylish modern classic louis ghost armchair

{image: a glamorous little side project}