{give-away: philippe starck louis ghost armchair}




. . . impossible excitement for this week’s give-away, the stylishly iconic and ultra-chic kartell louis ghost armchair from csn stores, featured here before and a wonderful resource of over 200 online stores carrying an array of things from delicate dinnerware to armoires & wardrobes, including the beautifully designed louis ghost armchair . . .


parisian designer philippe starck reinvented the classic louis xvi armchair for italian-based kartell in 2002, creating a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style:



. . . representing the intersection of classic baroque style and innovative modern design, the louis ghost chair is both beautiful and functional, and has become an iconic piece in the canon of philippe starck for its instantly recognizable louis xvi chair shape pared down to an essential form and boldly reinterpreted in lucite; the louis ghost chair is sturdy and durable while displaying a delicate, ethereal appearance, its versatility making it suitable for both indoors and out, residential and commercial, and a fixture in the most elegantly designed spaces . . .

. . . and for the impossibly exciting news: oneglamorous reader will win a kartell louis ghost chair {retail $410.00} in the colour of her choice:

to enter, {click here} to visit the csn stores website, or {here} to browse csn’s online stores, then leave a comment below . . .

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

* one winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after wednesday, october 21, 2010; if you do not have a blog or contact e-mail on your blog, please include it with your comment for notification; images: lovely clusters;bardot in blue via the neo-traditionalist; collage from here, here & here; flickr; design within reach}

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  • Pick me, Pick me! Love it!

  • Oh, please. OH, please! OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I have had a ghost chair on my wish list for years. Literally YEARS!! Please, please pick me!

  • So in love with these chairs…I have been wanting one for so long. thanks for the giveaway.

  • Wow, this is such a wonderful giveaway. I’ve seen this chair on all sorts of design and home sites and to think that some lucky person will be able to add it to their home. I think this is the perfect object that you could just base a room around. Perfection!

  • I would love to win this! I log onto your site each day, because every day needs a little glamour! I work from home, and I would really love the chair in my home office (!)
    CSN has fab finds on their allmodern (dot) com store, too!


  • I cant begin to describe my love for the ghost chair. I hunt craigslist for used chairs in order to get one that i can afford- they are amazing!!!

  • Both my husband and I have been lusting over this chair for awhile now. I would love to win this. Such a great chair for sure.

  • wAndd3rlust said...

    this would be a cool addition to my lil apartment-under-renovation project… :) :) :)

    [email protected]

  • wAnd3rlust said...

    This is perfect for my lil studio-apartment-under-renovation project :) :) :)

  • Love It! That chair has been haunting my dreams! PIck me!!!!!

  • I hope I win! I love this chair!

  • Anonymous said...

    I hope I win! I love love love love this chair!

  • Gorgeous. Picturing this chair in my home office. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • this chair needs a home.
    my home.


  • ah!!! i’ve always loved this chair!!!!

  • Pick me! Pick me!

    This chair is oh so beautiful.

    [email protected]

  • I have honestly been dying for this chair! It will be the perfect fit for my apartment! And when I move and have my own office it will definitely be my oh so important desk chair! I would LOVE IT!

  • Oh my I’ve wanted this chair forever! A ghost chair for Halloween would be so lovely! : )

  • How do you describe that is which is there but absent?

  • Woohoo!! Check out my renovations…that ghost chair would look perfect!!! Im a big fan of your blog and a bigger fan of the unique hand-writing on your blog…is it your writing???

    Check out my renos and my love for anything pretty like GHOST CHAIRS here:

    pick me pick me pink (intentional) me!!!

    Alessandra @ Sugar & Spice

  • This chair has been on my ‘to buy’ list for far too long, I’d love to win it! It would look gorgeous among my things ;D Thank you!

  • Anonymous said...

    i’ve never really won anything in my life… but if i win this chair i wouldn’t have to win anything ever again.

    [email protected]

  • Wonderful giveaway! I hope I win, I have wanted one of these for my dressing room for some time now. Thanks so much!


  • Becca said...

    I have always wanted one of these chairs!

    [email protected]

  • Becca said...

    I have always wanted one of these chairs!

    [email protected]

  • Like a s good white shirt, a Birkin, and a Burberry trench coat, the ghost chair is an iconic classic…and since I love the classics with a twist, I’d love to see this in my office with me in it!!!! Gorgeous giveaway, love!

  • so glam! <3 it!

  • I love love LOVE this chair — it would look beautiful in my room used as a vanity chair. I seriously think it should be mine! :)

  • Swoon-worthy for sure!

  • Those chairs are so fabulous. Just discovered your blog today — lucky timing! Thanks for the chance to win one; I’ll be back regardless.

  • Lindsey said...

    i have no words. this is perfection.

    [email protected]

  • What a lovely give away, as all are on this stunning blog!

  • what a gorgeous chair. what a stunning dress in the picture above, too.

  • I adore this chair!!!

  • I would die! Please pick me! This chair would look great in my eclectic archi music apartment!

  • Wow. I wish!
    Fingers crossed …

  • Kaelie said...

    This is a fantasy chair. I’ve desired it since it first saw it in print years ago. What a fantastic giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    so beautiful – ephemeral!

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    This chair is in my dreams!

  • Best giveaway ever!

    [email protected]

  • a perfect giveaway! i could finally stop caressing the chair everytime i see it in a shop or restaurant. people would like me more.

    my fingers are crossed.

    thank you for the chance!

  • Lovely!! Would look absolutely wonderful as a side chair against my zebra-patterned rug. Thank you so much for giving this beauty away!! xoxo, Mandi

    [email protected]

  • Love the ‘Ghost’ and have wanted it for ages!! thanks for the giveaway! :))

  • I would LOVE this chair! It would look great in my new house, just clear, without any color whatsoever.

  • I would LOVE this chair! It would look great in my new house, just clear, without any color whatsoever.

  • I’m so happy I didn’t miss this post! This is a truly fabulous and generous give-away – thank you! This chair will be mine one day (even if I don’t win it):)

  • What a lovely chair. Mmmm

  • Fabulous Blog! Fabulous Chair! and Fabulous Giveaway!



  • This chair has been on my “new house to buy list” since the day I first saw it! I have an old sewing machine I use as a vanity and this chair would be pefect sitting in front of it!

  • This chair has been on my “new house to buy list” since the day I first saw it! I have an old sewing machine I use as a vanity and this chair would be pefect sitting in front of it!

  • What a great give away! That would look just perfect in my home!

    [email protected]

  • Oh my! Please pick me!
    [email protected]

  • I almost forgot my email!
    [email protected]

  • I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration you’ve created- I just got married at the end of the summer and it has been a blast making a home with my new husband. I’ve used your blog over and over for ideas. And hey, this chair would be such an amazing addition to our little abode!

  • This is a really beautiful chair.

  • Amazing giveaway (and blog)!! I love the pure, clean lines of this chair and the transparent orange would work beautifully in our living room!
    [email protected]

  • Love, love, love! I recently went to Amsterdam had my room had one of these chairs in it. Would be such a nice reminder of my trip :)Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lo said...


  • What an amazing giveaway – we’d love to win! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Anonymous said...

    This is simply lovely..
    would absolutely love the smoke gray in my room

    [email protected]

  • The transparent crystal clear version of this chair would help in my small room; the chair wouldn’t look like it took up so much space.

    ct poon ((l’arobase)] g mail .point) com

  • The transparent crystal clear version of this chair would help in my small room; the chair wouldn’t look like it took up so much space.

    ct poon ((l’arobase)] g mail .point) com

  • Would love to win the ghost chair. Nice to see they make them in other colors now. Wish they would make them bigger in depth and width than 21 inches. 24 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep would be good. Do you think they hear me?
    Colleen for Swede Collection

  • I’m moving in two weeks and this would be great in the new place. :-)

  • This beauty would be the bit of glamour that my wee apartment truly needs! And it would look super cool in portrait photos…hmmm, I might even take him (Louis chair) to sit on the lawn at Iolani Palace, heehee.
    I would choose the clear, xoxo!

  • This would be perfect in my tiny apartment bedroom. I could finally carve out a vanity without my husband going bananas!

    [email protected]

  • If heaven was a chair, it would definitely be the Louis Ghost chair.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • The perfect chair it works for all distintive styles. Perfect glamourous choice! [email protected]

  • Yet another fab giveaway! I love how versatile these chairs are

  • Ghost chairs are classy n chic! I hope I can add one to my bedroom collection. <3

  • completely obsessed with this chair. perfection.

  • Loving the yellow one!

  • Wow. So chic. Would love to have this as part of any room.

  • oh how i NEED to win this. i am dying to outfit my new dining room with a set of these and a jump start would be oh-so-inspiring!

  • Ahhhhh my fave!!! Would LOVE a ghost chair. Thanks for this post!! Love your blog

  • I LOOOOOOVE this chair! It’s my favorite of the design world – his best by far. And it goes with everything! Would love to win!

  • This by far is the most glamourous competition I’ve seen on a blog!!! It’s so awesome, I could cry!!!

  • i have been dying for one of these amazing chairs for years! hope i win so i don’t have to settle for a knock-off at my desk.

  • love it!

  • The ghost chair is the perfect solution for living in a small space. While I use my desk quite frequently as a student, my chair takes up a lot of room in my studio apartment but I don’t want to settle for a small stool (although a cute vanity chair could be quite nice as well). The ghost chair adds class and style without giving up on full-size furniture. Unique, beautiful, truly lovely.

    [email protected]

  • Oh, I hope I get this one! Thanks for the giveaway R!

    This reminds me of a chair I saw this weekend… a clear version of the Thonet Bentwood chair.

  • GAHHH I have wanted one of these forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [email protected]

  • I have been lusting after this chair after I saw it in a magazine with a fur throw draped over it! It is such a fabulous chair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous said...

    Yes pleas!!!! :)

  • What a wonderful giveaway! This chair will look great anywhere!

  • This chair is perfection!

  • love the chair! i’m hoping to get a similar ghost coffee table soon.

  • What a fantastic giveaway! Somebody will be very lucky to receive this gorgeous chair!! xoxo

  • I hope I’m doing this right. I have been wanting one of these chairs for such a long time. I love your blog.

  • Anonymous said...

    How beautiful! It reminds me of ice, just in time for winter. Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous chair!

  • Would definitely love to make this work in our little house in the woods. Thanks for a beautiful blog AND fun giveaway!

  • I’ve clicked all three links and written this little ditty to the tune of Louie, Louie to prove my worthiness of winning the Louis Ghost:

    Louis Ghost chair, oh no
    You need a home
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Louie Ghost chair, oh baby
    You need a home

    Perfect for my entryway you see
    Clear polycarbonate works for me
    I’ve watched from afar for years on end
    Sitting on the Kartell shelf, all alone

    Louis Ghost chair, oh no
    You need a home
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Louie Ghost chair, oh baby
    You need a home

    Three years, two months I walk the streets
    Think of you Louis Ghost, constantly
    In my apartment, I dream you’re there
    I see myself, sitting in your chair.

    Louis Ghost chair, oh no
    You need a home
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Louie Ghost chair, oh baby
    You need a home

    My home!

  • Phoebe said...

    What a gorgeous giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Wow! I have been wanting one of these chairs forever! I’d use it in my entryway and maybe pair it with a rustic console table for a little contrast. Thank you for the chance!

  • I have been obsessed- literally obsessed- with this ghost chair since I saw it in a previous post! I’ve been dying to have it and would absolutely love it if you picked me!!

  • I have been obsessed- literally obsessed- with this ghost chair since I spied it in a previous post! I’ve been dying to own one and would absolutely love to have it, it’s so chic!!

  • Please, please, please! I’m dying for a new office chair and this would be perfection.

  • Like magic for the room (And love the photo on csn site of the missing musician!)
    xo M

  • i’v been dreaming of these chairs forever!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! A truly iconic piece.

  • holly gallager said...

    ♥ philippe starck so much

    [email protected]

  • Pick me, pick me! PLEEEEASE!

  • gorgeous chairs…i have been wanting one of these forever! thanks for such a great giveaway (and i adore your blog-always a wonderful source of inspiration!)

  • Another amazing give-away! The ghost chair takes my breath away every time I see it.

    I love all of CSN’s chairs… such a wonderful collection!

    [email protected]

  • seriously?!?! oh my god.

  • oh, i would love love love this lovely lucite. fingers are crossed!

  • Wow! Gorgeous Dress!

  • OH.MY.LORD.! I have been saving up for these chairs!!!!! It would absolutely make my YEAR! It’s been a rough year financially…so this would be a *dream come true*!
    LOVE your blog! (I have blogged about these myself)!!! A DREAM!

  • ooh, lovely lovely chair that would look peeeerrrrfect in my new home! fingers crossed.

    [email protected]

  • if I had a real honest to goodness philippe starck louis ghost chair I’d DIE! fingers crossed!

  • my hubby & i just moved to philly. he has a glorious office at villanova…i’m working from home, in a tiny little bonus room i’ve done my best to turn into inspirational space…this chair would be a breath of fresh air and i think, get the creative juices flowin!

  • Gretchen said...

    awesome chair!
    [email protected]

  • Ooohhheeee!!! I hope I win :)

  • I’ve had my eye on these chairs for so long; I’d love to call one my own!

    [email protected]

  • Oh, what a lovely chair! Though, I would never be able to decide between the clear, and the opaque glossy black… Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!


  • This chair makes my heart sing!

  • There truly are no words for its beauty in every shade. The chicest, most elegant, timeless and yet so much what the future holds. I don’t know if I can live without starting to collect one in each incredible shade. Clear would be my first choice… it’s literally beyond. What dreams are made of.

  • Thank you for this amazing giveaway, such a beautiful chair!

  • love love love for my office!

  • hauntingly perfect

  • Wow! Talk about perfect timing. I am in the midst of re-doing my office and this chair would be perfection!!

  • This chair is beyond perfection

  • I love this chair…perfect for any room and decor! Thanks CSN & thanks This Is Glamorous!

  • I can’t even dream to be the lucky winner of this one. Like many others here, I admired this chair from afar, but always hoped one would find its way into my living room!

    I’m a huge fan of CSN stores. This zig zag pillow is one of my favorites:

    My fingers (and toes!) are crossed! Thanks for this opportunity!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

  • awesome giveaway!! crossing my fingers

  • Wow. What else to say, except… just… wow.

  • Wow it’s the perfectly named chair for Halloween but with elegance and class.

    peggyliu at gmail dot com

  • wow. perfectly named chair for Halloween, but it’s so ELEGANT.

    peggyliu at gmail dot com

  • Amazing giveaway! Longtime follower here, love the blog!

  • The Louis Ghost chair would add the perfect pop to my desk in my studio apartment, and would certainly make me inspired to get some work done.

  • Great chair– and an interesting website. Here’s hoping!

  • This chair has only been on my wishlist since forever. Crossing fingers for your awesome giveaway. =)

  • This chair has only been on my wishlist since forever. Crossing fingers for your awesome giveaway. =)

  • Wow what an amazing give away, love yr blog!

  • janine said...

    That chair could just slip right into any environment!!!

    [email protected]

  • Natalie said...

    A gorgeous giveaway from a gorgeous blog! Thank you for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  • wow! i cannot even image getting to own one of those chairs – i already have a spot ready for it!!!!

  • Beautiful! I’d love one in transparent Smokey Grey, for the empty corner in my living room that has been staring at me for the last 4 years… Sigh, it would be just perfect.

    ae.lightwaters at gmail

  • love love love the chair and CSN

  • Laura said...

    Wow I’m guessing by the sheer number of comments I have no chance at this, but I’ll try anyway. I have loved this chair since first glance. It is beautifully designed things like this chair and inspiring design blogs like yours that keep me inspired to pursue a life in the interior design/home furnishings industry!

  • it’s always been one of my dream chairs!
    would be wonderful and perfect to myself as a birthday present which is among this week!
    [email protected]

  • Would love to win this!

  • megan said...

    cool chair! Would brighten up my room!

  • Anonymous said...

    yeay! i was just looking for a cheapo version of one of these but nothing beats an original :)

    [email protected]

  • Sooooo beautiful. I’ve wanted one of these since the moment I laid eyes on them. Amazing!

  • Ooh, would LOVE to win this one. Obsessing about these chairs!

  • I am obsessed with all things lucite! I hope to win the ghost chair!

  • this is so great!

  • omgosh! that chair belongs in my bedroom!

  • Oh, when I first started my blog this summer on of my first posts was about my favorite chairs, and guess what one of them is, yep, Ghost Chair!

  • sunset orange…a perfect addition to my tiffany blue cafe breakfast table!

  • I NEEEEEeeeeeeeeeed this chair in my life! So fab!!

  • Exciting giveaway! Beautiful, fun, chair!

  • what an awesome giveaway. thank you for the chance!!!

  • I’d love to win! One of my friends has always adored the ghost chair, and I’d love to give this to her!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! The chair is so classy and gorgeous. Hope to win!

  • Gorgeous chair! I especially like the pic where it almost blends into the white wall.

  • Ok I’m dying. I can’t figure out how to sign up for it – I went to the company link. I love this chair since I first studied furniture in design school. It’s out of my budget and while my house is more ecclectic it’s the perfect perfect chair. I would use it as a desk, side chair, dining chair. Please pick me! Ann

  • probably the best. giveaway. ever! i’d love to win!

  • I have some pretty lovely lucite chairs from Ikea, but this would really blow them out of the water. Hope I win the beautiful ghost chair.

  • I would love to win this!!! It’s amazing.

  • Droolworthy. I am in love with this chair!!!

  • This would look so chic in a study.. MY study ;)

  • OMG Love the chair, always wanted one . Wish me luck, its my first give-away

  • That chair is so pretty. I love it. Crossing my fingers! ;D Glad I happened to come across your blog today!

  • I’ve been wanting this chair for so long now. This would make my week – heck it would make my year!


  • Oh I want a ghost chair so bad! It would look so good in my living room!!!

  • I’m starting to convert my “gym” into an office for myself, and I’ve been stuck as to chat type of chair I wanted to go with. Not sure how comfortable it is, but I LOVE the look. Maybe I’ll just get one for decoration.

  • I have 2of these that I scored at the Salvation Army for $75 each. And they’re real! I feel like I have good karma with this Ghost Chair. Fingers crossed I can keep the streak going.

  • What a cool giveaway! LOVE love love this chair!

  • What a cool giveaway! Love love love this chair!!
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    What a cool giveaway! Love love love this chair!!
    [email protected]

  • There are so many fakes out there but what a dream to have the real thing! Would love to have one of these pieces of art for my home.

  • I love it. It’s dreamy.

    [email protected]

  • Rea said...

    been loving this chair for a loooong time’

    damitaaa at gmail dot com

  • What a beautiful chair! I would love love love to have it!

    [email protected]

  • So. Beautiful.

  • It’s not surprising that such a gorgeous blog would have a giveaway for such a gorgeous chair! I’ve always dreamt of having a ghost chair. It would be the perfect partner for my desk, which sits in the living room and therefore must be stylish! :)

  • I had no idea that this chair – a.k.a. My Dream Chair – came in more than just the clear transparent. Wow. Love the smokey grey so when I win (yup, feeling confident) I will have a tough time deciding which one to choose.

  • Wow! they are so gorgeous! would love to win one… [email protected]

  • What an incredible giveaway! So so excited!

  • Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting a ghost chair for the longest time!

  • My oh my, Roséline! This giveaway is BEYOND amazing. I’ve been dying to get a ghost armchair for some time. I think it would be the perfect desk chair! Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers, toes and legs that I win this magnificent chair. xo, C

  • Always a classic. LOVE this chair! Would be a wonderful way to help a recent college grad start designing her own space!

  • Ismi said...

    I want to win, I do!!

  • beautiful!!!

  • This would be an amazing prize!
    I adore your blog.

    [email protected]

  • This is amazing!

  • I’ve been saving my pennies for a pair of these! Thank you!

  • Ali said...


  • This chair is so pretty! Wonderful giveaway!

  • Not sure if that other comment went through. I’d love this for my home! [email protected]

  • I would LOVE to own this chair. Ever since it came out, I have lusted after it.

  • Gorgeous designer chair. Thanks for the chance to win

  • Anonymous said...

    I´ve been loving the ghost chair for so long! Great giveaway and nice blog, congrats!
    [email protected]

  • What an amazing prize–hope I win!

  • I am hoping. please count me in and good luck to me.

  • thanks for posting! enter me in please!! ( :

  • A very generous giveaway! This chair has been on my wishlist for quite some time.
    xoxo, B

  • SO fabulous…unbelievably beautiful!

  • best. giveaway. ever.

  • Next to my rustic piano it will just “murrr”… !!

  • I die. ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! This would be amazing!

  • I love this chair!



  • I would love this chair for my desk…

  • OH be still my beating heart! It skipped…several! beats when I saw you are giving this chair away! oh pretty please may it be me!

  • OMG! I really love this chair! It’s perfect for my room! ;)

    Thanks for the beautiful giveaway!

  • Oh my god! This is beyond amazing! I’m thrill just by reading, can’t imagine how would feel to even win.

    Congratulations and good luck to everyone!



  • Great chair; great giveaway!
    Fingers crossed…:)

  • This would be the perfect addition to my bedroom. Love it!

  • This would make the perfect vanity chair. Love it!

  • Yes please!!!

    cg (at) urban12 [dot] com

  • Please sign me up! Who wouldn’t want to win an iconic Ghost Chair?

  • OMG! I have been dying for that chair! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Now this is what I call a give-away!

  • I am obsessed with this chair!! we have them at the gallery I work at in soho and I secretly always want to steal them before I close the gallery at night!

    Love your blog, it’s fantastic.

  • F said...

    Would love to win this lovely chair!
    franziskaboettcher [at]

  • Dagmar said...

    Please please please pick me!!!!!!! :-) I love this chair!

    [email protected]

  • Everubody seem to be absolutely crazy about this chair. Have all of you mentioned it in your blogs? The winner would be more logical if he or she did s smth for this “fabulous chair”. So? Still seating and waiting?

  • Danielle said...

    These are gorgeous! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  • o goodness. Incredible!* It would be the highlight of my home :)

  • I love the ghost chair! goes with everything and on top of that it automatically turns a room from drab to ultra chic!

  • Sarah Garrity said...

    [email protected]

  • I love this chair!!!! Would love to win it….

  • Crossing fingers tightly!

  • This is a great giveaway! Beautiful chair.

  • What a glamorous idea for a give-away!!! Love the Louis Chair and all of Starck’s designs.
    Also heart this blog very much! A great inspiration to me!
    CSN Store..yay!

  • holy crap! this is the most amazing giveaway ever. i have madly loved these chairs from afar and never dreamed of being able to own one for myself!

  • Natalia said...

    You had me at Louis Ghost!
    It would be incredible to win such a gorgeous piece, I think this giveaway is the best one so far.
    Anyway, if I don’t win, congratulations to whoever gets it:)

    [email protected]

  • I am definitely in need of a new chair in my studio – the smoke gray is to die for! love it!

  • this chair is stunning.

  • Gimme the ghost chair!

  • Let’s see if I have any luck ?
    Love this chair!


  • Anonymous said...

    Beautiful, an amazing giveaway!

  • I want one of these chairs more than anything!!!

  • Oh…I hope I get picked!!!
    I had no idea the ghost chair comes in so many colors!

  • Ooooh, I have wanted a chair like this for SOOOO long!

    [email protected]

  • i hope this time chance is for me!!! thanks a lot for all those photos!!!

  • Count me in #452 I would love this ghost of a chair!
    love it!!

  • Gabrielle said...

    Dear This is glamorous,

    Thank you for your consistent brilliance and for such an excitingly glamorous giveaway on my birthday!!

    Here are three reasons why you should pick me:

    1- It’s my birthday today and winning the ghost chair would make my year!
    2- My partner and I are delighted to move in to our first home together in a few weeks. The ghost chair would be a perfect addition to our new glamorous office!
    3- I would be eternally greatful!!

    savoie.gabrielle (at) gmail

  • Not the first one to express her excitement, I know, but WOW! I would love to own this designer piece–it would be my first. Thank you! :)

  • !!! I love this chair!!!


  • omg! i have loved these chairs for the longest time… thanks for the awesome giveaway. :)

  • ahhh I have the most perfect makeup table that neeeddsss this chair. I love it so much! be so exciting to win

  • Lovely. Just lovely. An absolute dream! I live with two men and it would be the perfect, not-over-the-top touch.

  • aah the invisible chair. Love it!

  • Yes! I’ve always loved these chairs. They are perfect as an office chair and the clear lucite makes them great for small spaces. I hope to win!

  • Crossing my fingers . . . I feel lucky this month!

    This chair is divine– love it!

  • covetable! thanks for the sweet giveaway!
    ([email protected])


  • Lisa Stevens said...

    Best give away EVER!!! Love the chair…love the blog! [email protected]

  • Dani said...

    Best Giveaway Ever.

    I’ve admired these chairs for so long. Absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to win. Fingers crossed!


  • These are so beautiful. I would take one in any color, but I love the translucent clear, translucent smoke and opaque glossy black! Ramona e- mail: [email protected]

  • Stunning, I may just have to buy one for myself (someday…)!!

  • Ghost Chairs are my absolute favorite piece of furniture!! What an exciting giveaway!

  • This chair is so amazing. Such a stylish addition to any room!

  • Good lord. I stand no chance at all yet I will try anyway.

  • This chair would be the perfect addition to my bedroom. I want to start from scratch and so far I only have a mattress on the floor! The simple clear ghost chair would be absolutely amazing to base the design of my room around!

  • Wow Fabulous Giveaway!!!
    Hoping to win! :)

  • What a brilliant piece of furniture design!!! Would love to win!!


  • I just blogged about Starck’s Ghost Chair yesterday!!

    What a fantastic giveaway, I’m in love (with your blog and the chair, of course!)

    Have a great weekend,

  • These have always taken my breath away. I would love to win one!

    Keeping my fingers crossed,


  • I LOVE this chair. I hope I win. :)

  • I just spied The Gorgeous Ghost Giveaway and had a near-fatal case of the vapors! Channeling my “Inner Scarlett,” I became enchanted with the romantic possibilities! In the spirit of the season, I have become quite giddy with my spectral choices…shall I choose Rhett of Ashley’s lap for snuggling with my favorite ghost in the divine Ghost Chair? Of course, there is really no choice~Rhett will have me at last in this sexy ghost chair!!! That is, if you give me “a ghost of a chance to win!”

  • I love this chair!! Great giveaway!

  • hmm i’m not sure if my last comment was saved or not. wouldn’t want to miss a chance at this fab giveaway! crystal clear for me please!

  • great giveaway! i love the crystal clear one. classic and beautiful.

  • This is an amazing giveaway and something I could not afford!

  • 423 comments! My chances are slim to none! :) I love these Ghost chairs…and saw it with a ‘fur’ rug thrown over them which is such a brilliant juxtaposition! These are also at one of my favourite restaurants…and not just because they have these chairs, haha!

  • Anonymous said...

    ah, this is amazing! i would be the happiest girl alive:)
    [email protected]

  • cool chair,very crisp design. love it.

  • Ummmm amazing! I can’t believe this is a giveaway but I’m so grateful for it!! :)
    [email protected]

  • The colors are AMAZING but I think I love the clear the best. So fun!!!

  • My DREAM chair! I’ve been oogling this chair for months!!!

  • OMG!!it’s amazing, I’d love it in my new apartment… I’d love the Kartell Louis Ghost Chair in transparent crystal clear, please please please!!

    wonderful blog :)

  • i would LOVE this chair!!!

  • The chair I dream about owning to go with the vanity and venetian mirror I dream about.

  • Stunning! It would look so fabulous in my office!

  • A classic.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Nothing like a ghost chair to add elegance to a room. I think it would look great in the room of a design-inclined college student, like me :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Love this chair. Love eeeeet!

  • I can’t even believe this giveaway. I have wanted one forever.

  • wow! this is the best giveaway ever. love the ghost chair!

  • I have admired this chair for about a year. It would make an amazing addition to my home.

    Love your blog! It is a daily dose of inspiration in my life.

  • I’ve been dreaming of a ghost chair for so long….. I hope I win this one!

  • I’ve been dreaming of a ghost chair for so long….. I hope I win this one!

  • Yes, please!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’ve always loved how versatile this chair is. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • I’ve been saving my pennies for one of these beauties!!!

  • I would so love this chair ..Pretty please. x

  • What an amazing giveaway. I want one for my bedroom. I would love to drape clothes all over it.

  • Thou shall not covet ghost armchairs, but I yearn to possess it. Leave it to you, to desire it too! Thanks for the chance to quell my passion for ghosts. Halloween must be around the corner!

  • Anonymous said...

    How perfect! I can think of no other single piece that so perfectly marries chic tradition with freshness and modernity. Love!

    [email protected]

  • gorgeous chairs!

  • I have been admiring these chairs for a while! I know exactly where it would go! Good luck everyone!

    Best email to contact: [email protected]


  • natalie said...

    would be so difficult to not get the OG clear version!

    [email protected]

  • I have wanted one for years!

  • I’ve only just discovered CSN stores in the past couple weeks, and what marvy stuff they have!!! Especially this. I’ve been desperate for one of these in my home for the longest time!

  • It is gorgeous! You always host the loveliest giveaways :) Merci beaucoup!

  • It is heaven in a chair!

  • It is heaven in a chair!

  • What a gorgeous chair! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I would love to win!

  • Anonymous said...

    i have lusted for a ghost chair for years…perhaps this is my chance!

  • Absolutely Gorgeous!! I had never seen this store before… great inventory!

  • Melinda said...

    I have been lusting after this chair for far too long!

    I absolutely adore this blog! Hands down my favorite! It epitomizes everything that I love and can add sunshine to any dreary day. :)

    -Melinda. [email protected]

  • I have seen the ghost chair before and have been in love with it! For something so light and barely there, what a statement it adds to any room!

  • This might be the coolest giveaway ever. I am obsessed with ghost chairs.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Awesome giveaway! Would be great for an Elosie inspired room.

  • Oh my gorgeous. I just wrote about this chair…can it please come live with me?!?


    [email protected]

  • amazing. I hope I win. thanks for the opportunity,

  • Leslie W. said...

    I would so love to win the Ghost chair so it could disappear in my living room!

  • I a obsessed with this chair! I love the look it gives to a room….what an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win…Kerri

    [email protected]

  • This is probably the most amazing (or should I say GLAMOROUS) contest ever! I would so love to sit my tush in that chair! :)

  • This giveaway could not come at a more perfect time!! We are moving next week and our living/dining/kitchen area is one super long room. I need to add my desk to that bunch as well, and I think a sleek little something like the ghost chair would be just perfect!!

  • This chair will be the inspiration that gets me through the rest of our massive, entire-house renovation. Pleeease let me win!

  • so dreamy!

  • Amazing giveaway! what a modern classic.

  • I was literally just about to throw down cash on one of these for my new apartment! It would be SOOOOO amazing to win this! BTW- you’re blog is gorgeous!

    [email protected]

  • what a fabulous giveaway!

  • Anonymous said...

    Ah-mazing giveaway!! I would love one of these to give my home office a touch of chic. Thanks for the chance to win!

    [email protected]

  • I would love my own ghost chair

  • I LOVE this chair!!! I’ve been picturing it at my desk for ages! Wonderful giveaway : ) Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!

  • I LOVE that chair. It would look perfect in my office/sewing room. I hope I win!

    mollylynnefitzpatrick (at) gmail (dot) com

  • ooh la la! i have an unhealthy obsession with both lucite and chairs, this is perfect!

  • This is a fantastic giveaway – just in time for me to decorate a new apartment!

  • Love this chair! Will look awesome with my farmhouse dining table!

  • zomg! this is a fantastic giveaway! I’m looking for one of these for a new apartment, hope i win!

  • Wow. I have had a ghost chair on my wishlist for over 3 years. I would probably pass out from sheer joy if I won this!!!

  • Oh my I’ve been coveting this chair forever! Love it! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sooo fabulous! I hope I win!! :)

  • I have been coveting a ghost chair for AGES, and trying to save up for one. Would love to win this and put that money toward something else! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  • Would love to have the ghost chair as an accent piece for my dresser. Have lusted over it for SO LONG!!!

  • ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ love that chair ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥what a fab give-away ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • OMG-this MADE my day. Winning this would make my year! Sooooo exciting!

    [email protected]

  • i love love love this chair!

  • Do you know how long I’ve wanted this chair? FOREVER!!!
    I recently redecorated my bedroom and I have the perfect spot for it.

  • Love this arm chair! MY neighbot has one that I am in love with. I am also loving the Knoll marble side tables on here. I covet.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Also hosting a jewelry give-away at

  • Jumping on the bandwagon for a chance!!! Fingers crossed…

    Holly J.

    [email protected]

  • absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • wonderful!
    the first picture is amazing!

  • Love ghost chairs, I have the most perfect place picked out for it!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • ahhhh, these would solve my living room dilemma!

  • My favorite chair of all time! I might have a heart attack if I won this!

  • I have been DYING for a ghost chair! What a great giveaway! I would love, looove, LOOOOVE to win!
    Happy Friday to everyone!

    [email protected]

  • Would love to have one of these from my foyer!

    [email protected]

  • Would love to have one of these for my foyer!!!

  • This chair is so so so so SO very chic! I am crossing my fingers for this to be my first give-away win, as what lady doesn’t want one of these in her dressing room? (I know I certainly do!)

  • These chairs are gorgeous and chic! Love it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • This chair has been on my wish list for years! Just stumbled upon your blog today and became a follower on GR. Much love!

  • Wow…that chair would look amazing in my new home office. Thank you so much for the chance to win this fantastic chair!!!

  • I *never* win anything but I’m keeping all fingers and toes crossed for this one. Just a stunning piece – in any color…it would be perfect…

  • Please let me win. Please let me win. I have drooled over these chairs for years. Please, please, please!

  • Oh I hope I win! I love this chair. Thank you for posting it!

  • Absolutely stunning…would be the perfect addition to my glam bedroom!

  • My condo is tiny and this chair would be perfection.

  • The Ghost Chair has always been a wistful dream of mine, to own. The CSN store is fabulous to look around in (virtually!), easy to navigate and has every detail covered, which leaves no doubt as to what one will receive upon ordering. That alone makes the site noteworthy.

  • I love everything in the Louis vxi style! This chain is gorgeous!

    [email protected]

  • Oh! How glamourous! I have long admired the ghost chairs!! What a wonderful giveaway! crossing my fingers….

  • I’m in love with this chair! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I never tire of this chair- it looks fab in any decor- especially mine! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Anonymous said...

    Oh My. Meravigliosa!!!

    Lucia M :)

  • It’s the absolute perfect combination of a traditional historic style with a modern chic twist! I’d feel like Marie Antoinette (or more like Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette) if I could sit in this chair everyday!

    Thanks for your daily inspiration.

  • this is unbelievable! thank you for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  • love, love, love it! this could lend some much-needed chicness to my first NY apartment…!

  • Anonymous said...

    This design is fantastic…dreaming of one in my “postage stamp” of an apartment
    Best Wishes to all!
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    fingers crossed…

    ehpurefoy at gmail

  • Antonio said...

    Do you send for Brazil? I would like to have it so much!

    [email protected]

  • Wow…what an amazing giveaway!! Hope my lucky number is picked as I have been drooling over this chair for years!

  • oh so hope i win! this chair belongs in my living room. :)

  • What an amazing exciting giveaway! I have always wanted a ghost chair! Thank you!

  • I would so so so so so LOVE to win this chair! How wonderful ~~

    xoxo Laura

  • !! I’ve been searching for the perfect chair to use for my vanity (this is glamorous-inspired, of course), I would love this one in clear crystal!

    Kathryn Z.
    [email protected]

  • Renata Castilho said...

    This chair is a masterpiece! I would love to have it!

    [email protected]

  • Gorgeous! I love this chair and have it on my wish list! thank you for the giveaway!! :))

  • These ghost chairs are amazing!!! already have a little home for it. I have always wanted one…thanks for the giveaway. [email protected]

  • I’ve had one on my wishlist forever! I want to put a sequined pillow and furry throw over one. Great giveaway.

  • Maureen said...

    I would love to win this chair.

  • Hope I, hope I win!!

  • Wow! You have the best give away for us! I am dreaming of this chair in my airy grey and yellow work room… :-) Good luck to all readers!

  • Agnes Mikulowska Madsen said...

    What has the model have to do with the chair? I was curious because I am the model in the pink dress!

  • I absolutely LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this chair!!! Oh please pick me!

  • My favorite blog giveaway of all time!!! (I didn’t know those wonderful chairs came in so many colors!)
    [email protected]

  • OMG! This chair would be so perfect for my bedroom/office redo (as a desk chair with the IKEA sheepskin rug thrown over it)!

    I want!

    [email protected]

  • I’ve been drooling for this chair for so long. (insert crazy eyes) After seeing it everywhere, I’ve been trying to get my hands on it, but it is quite expensive and my lust for good typography, stationary and books never allows for extra money! Ha- how I suffer for good pencil cases!

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway, it’s so unbelievably gorgeous! As is your blog, it’s always been so beautifully put together, and I find myself right-click-save-as-ing all the time. Might explain my laggy computer.

    Anyway, must stop typing compulsively- good day and good luck to everyone!

    (Wipes drool off chin),

  • Anonymous said...

    I know exactly where I’d put this chair! Love it!
    bek(dot)[email protected](dot)com

  • This is an impossibly exciting giveaway! I just popped back over from the csn store and it’s fantastic! I’m keeping my fingers X’ed! I am dreaming of that gorgeous chair in my home office.
    [email protected]

  • I have adored this chair for years… we have the perfect place in our bedroom for it. Crossing my fingers and toes :)

  • megan said...

    a simply glamourous chair! you know youve made it (or been lucky) when…

    [email protected]

  • This is the best giveaway ever! This is my dream chair!

    Thanks to you and CSN for such a generous giveaway!

  • I love you for this giveaway!! I love a great clear ghost chair! Crossing my fingers :)

  • DYING over this chair! Would have a perfect place for this!!

  • I love this chair soo soo much, but sadly its out of my price range..
    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers ;)

  • Michele said...

    Oh my gosh. That is glamorous indeed! What an awesome give-away! Thank you for a chance to win this!

  • Laura S Mitchell said...

    Love it!

  • Absolutely beautiful chair

  • This is not a want for me. It’s a need. A NEED, I TELL YOU!

  • what a lovely giveaway. the ghost chair is exquisite. so pretty :]

  • Oh my. I think I want to win this giveaway more than I’ve wanted to win any giveaway EVER. So generous of you!

  • The starck ghost armchair is THE BEST chair and therefore this THE BEST give-away the in the whole world! Good luck everyone!

  • I’ve always loved this chair!

  • wow! crossing my fingers & toes!

  • !!!
    an amazing giveaway.
    can’t hurt to try, right?

  • these chairs are amazing! you really do have the best giveaways.

  • Wow what a flurry this has caused! I too am very keen to win this gorgeous chair. It would take pride of place in my living room. Thank you!!

  • Way too awesome.

  • Thank you SO much for this – I’m shopping for one now!

    cncliving {@}

  • !!!!

  • This char is exquisite, it’s clever concept would be a wonderfully playful addition to a home!


    [email protected]

  • What a fabulous giveaway!!

  • I have been pining over this clear furniture trend forever now, it is simply just so chic and eloquent, it just speaks for itself! Aesthetically, this chair was designed for me and my home! What a great execution of modern and traditional design. This is the epitome of the minimal but glamorous approach, as well as a perfect piece for an elegant home decorator. Less is more!!!

  • AMAZING giveaway!!! I have been dying for a chair like this – it will look especially amazing in our tiny apt!

  • Anonymous said...

    I am a huge fan of your blog! The interior design, fashion, photography, it’s all amazing!

    [email protected]

  • Cat Carpenter said...

    What a fabulous chair! I have seen it before in editorial and love it. My daughter in just starting out in her first apartment. I would love to be able to give this to her…Thanks for the chance –

    [email protected]

  • Amazing chair! I would love to add it to my home in any color.

  • yes, please. thank you!

    [email protected]

  • what a beautiful chair!!!

  • Squeal!

    I’ve been saving money for months to get this for my best friend as a wedding gift. The thought of giving it away seems like a crime, but it’s only a testament of my love for her!

  • April S. said...

    Oh, please pick me! I’ve always wanted one!

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    We even love this design in Australia!

  • Amazing!
    I love CSN…they have everything you could possible want. And I’ve been wanting this ghost chair for ever and ever. My fingers are crossed so tightly!

  • Gorgeous chair! It would be a lovely birthday present for me if I won!

    [email protected]

  • LOVE it!!

  • Beyond fabulous! What a fantastic giveaway!

  • I’ve spent at least an hour thinking of all the places I could use such a chair. To die for! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  • AS IF you and CSN are giving away a Ghost chair? I’m too excited! This is one fantastic giveaway, that’s forsure!
    whitecabana at gmail

  • I’ve been lusting after this chair! Love CSN as well. Great customer service and they have everything!

  • ok…so when i was in design school i used the ghost chair in my final hotel project. put them all throughout the lobby…it was so cool! 5 years later i still think they are absolutely the coolest pieces of furniture EVER! i’ve always said one day i’d save up and purchase one but that time doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon…lol. so…
    this is the missing puzzle piece to my immediate happiness!! haha, i’m semi serious!
    not to mention philippe starck is one of my all time favorites! i have his picture taped on the side of my computer at work…he is such an inspiration!

  • love love love!!

  • What a fabulous chair! Such a very generous giveaway. Thank you so much. Love your blog.

  • Oh my – I have loved this chair forever. What a crazy give-away!!! Thank you. I check your blog each day and get some wonderful ideas and just plain beauty!!

  • This chair would look absolutely stunning in my dining room!

  • beautiful!!!

  • amazing! hope I’m the lucky girl!

  • These chairs take my breath away, I simply love them.

  • Great giveaway- I hope I win!!

  • I’ve never seen so many comments before! But then again, it is beautiful!


  • love the chair!!

  • PLEASE oh PLEASE. I am a starving student definitely craving more glamour in my life. I don’t even have a desk chair!

  • Anonymous said...

    Please enter me in the drawing for the chair. Thank you!


  • LaurenF said...

    Such a genius design!

    [email protected]

  • Ghost chairs top my list for must have funiture at home!!! This would go so well with practically everything!

  • Oh ghost chair! I think I love you!!! I’m in the process of redesigning my bedroom and this chair would look amazing at my vanity!

  • We’re throwing a Shopbop giveaway right now if you’d like to swing by! It must be said, this is a most AMAZING giveaway. I’ve been lusting after ghost chair for absolute ages! Here’s hoping! xo

  • with a new paris apartment on the way I NEED THIS!

    does the fact I have an picture featured in this post mean I get any extra chances? JK!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  • what a treat!!

  • Kirsty said...

    How very, very beautiful … Hope it’s my lucky week!

  • this is the {BEST} giveaway I have ever seen.
    And honestly, this is the most {FABULOUS} chair to go in our little, vintage apartment in San Francisco. More seating yet not visual clutter? I’ll take it. oh yes, please please pleeeeease!!!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    This is one of the best giveaways I have ever seen! Thanks so much. Love the blog; keep up the interesting and beautiful postings!

    [email protected]

  • trish said...

    this is the stuff dreams are made of! if lucy in the sky with diamonds had a chair in which to dream her tangerine dreams, it would be this lucite phantom of a chair!

    [email protected]


  • yes please, yes please!!!!

  • I know exactly where it will go…next to my bed, I will set up a Parsons-style desk/”vanity” with this gorgeous chair.

  • Oohh I would go with the smoke gray for sure..

  • these would be perfect with my Halloween decoration and also would love to use this just as my desk chair as I have a pretty old desk chair. (life of a broke yet stylish college student hehe)
    Being an interior architecture student and a fashion blogger this chair just screams my name!!
    Would love to win this chair and btw, i love the csn stores website. I often go to their site to pick out furniture for my material boards!

  • I have been pining over this chair for ages! I would love to win! My heart started racing when I saw you were giving this away!

    [email protected]

  • I’m so in love with these chairs! I’d love to have a whole dining room set one day. Yum.

  • Leave it to {this is glamourous} to have the most fabulous of giveaways! I would be the envy of many were I to win this stunning chair – my friends and I all covet this chair.

  • Stephanie said...

    I’d put it in my future master bath–the clear translucent would be so perfect in a white marble bath. Swoon!
    [email protected]

  • I long for this chair in ways a girl should only yearn for her lover.

    I promise to take tender care and treat le louis ghost chair in the chic and glamorous manner for which it was intended. Only plush and worthy bums shall rest on it’s delicate seat.

    “Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté/ Luxe, calme et volupté.”

    Merci bein, mon petit chou!

    Yours, Sadie

  • i had no idea this chair came in COLORS! i’m so excited fro this giveaway.

  • This chair is fabulous! Love it :) Would be perfect in my apt!

  • The chair would be perfect for a tiny room like my own! It’s beautiful.

  • i heart the opaque black!

  • So lovely! I can see it floating perfectly in my bedroom…you always have the best giveaways.

  • can hardly believe it.

    have been wanting one for sooo long….

  • Love, Love, Love this Ghost Chair! This would be perfect as I am decorating my apartment!


  • I have been debating getting one of these for years! What a great giveaway!

  • I covet this chair. It has been on my wish list for so very long!!!! Please, please come to live with me!!!

  • Je veux cette chaise! Me liky :) Would be so perfect in my place. If I don’t win, i’ll buy it one day. Oh oui be mine!

  • I’ve long been in lust with this chair and what a fantastic site! CSN carries the creme de la creme.

  • Anonymous said...

    Me, please!! Drooling over your first picture!
    [email protected]

  • Haha! I wouldn’t be able to find the chair in the dark…awesome piece of furniture though!

  • oh my gosh you picked the perfect thing to give away! of everything available on the 200+ csn stores, i have to say i love the ghost chair most of all.
    please pick me!

    [email protected]

  • love love LOVE this chair!

  • Anonymous said...

    yes please!

    [email protected]

  • Ah! I’m a big Starck fan and have been stalking this chair for some time now. Please?

  • One of my all time favorites – I hope I’m lucky right now!

  • I’m about to start remodeling my apartment and this would be such a great piece to work around! Pick meee…

  • j’adore philippe starck

  • You always have the best giveaways! I have such a crush on this chair.

  • Love love ghost chairs! I have one in my bathroom at my vanity and I just love it!

  • absolutely stunning.

  • I have never seen anything like this incredible chair. I could definitely find a treasured spot for it in my home

  • Wow, wow and wow! I would love to win. This is impossibly exciting… Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway. Count me in!

    Linda, xo

  • dulce niña said...

    never ceases to amaze me with the exquisite things you share with your readers. you just don’t let your readers dream, you also let your readers have them; and that’s pure bliss.

  • Flournoyfrance said...

    I would love to live with a GHOST!

  • Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Love these chairs, love this blog!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • In love with the smoke grey chair. All at once it’s ethereal, modern, timeless and seductive.

    PS Love the blog. Always inspiring and beautiful.

    [email protected]

  • Wow – that’s quite the generous giveaway. Bravo! And that chair is just to die for.

  • This chair is absolutely fabulous! I adore it! Crossing my fingers. :)

    [email protected]

  • I am remodeling the room above our garage…this chair will transform it into the atelier of my dreams!

    — Leli

  • Love Starck’s creations . The Lousi armchair is gorgeous. I hope to win it

  • This is so great! I would love to win!
    marielkatrina at rice dot edu

  • I have been lusting after this chair for months. I am getting ready to move into my first apartment and sorely want to use this chair as my dining room chairs. However, I simply can’t afford them. My table only seats two. So, if I won the giveway, perhaps I could find a way to scratch up enough moolah to buy the other one. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope I win!

  • amazing giveaway… and i would love to win!!

  • I loveee ghost chair. I am currently designing my new house and I need this chair so much. I am getting married and it would be such a great present for me :)

    [email protected]

  • oh my gawd! would love to have this – no way… :O)

  • Gorrrrrgey! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I heart this chair! I dream of owning it someday to put in my office, where I can follow all my favorite blogs (including this is glamorous), and working on my own blog too. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! Anyone who wins it would be such a truly lucky person. It is such a fabulous chair.

  • Ooh la la I think my heart just skipped a beat at the thought of introducing that beautiful chair to my home! Would love, love, love to win it! :) Paris in Pink

  • What an amazing give-away! I would love to win!

  • I am shameless, I will beg on bended knee to have one of these AMAZING chairs! I first saw them in Italy, and wanted to grab one and RUN!
    Thank you for offering one as a give away! Your blog is treat that I enjoy all the time, and with no calories! LOL
    Thank you!!

  • i blogged about the Ghost Chair last week! Perfect marriage between tradition and modern

  • There is nothing I love more in the world than a fabulous designer chair. The Ghost chair is a dream. I would love to own one! Thanks for an amazing opportunity!

  • I am dying to get this!!

    tripyay [at]

  • Um… Best. Giveaway. Ever…And just in time for my birthday! I’ve been swooning over these chairs for years! Pick me pleaaase :)

    [email protected]

  • How can I resist entering? These chairs are divine, but so out of my current budget! Sigh.


  • wow such an amazing giveaway- i’ve wantd to actually get one throguh CSN Stores…it’s outta my price range though!! pick me! haha :)

  • I love those chairs so much. They work in so many settings.

  • Yes, please! Such a classic.

    [email protected]

  • Impossible!!!! My heart just skipped a beat, or FIVE!! I have been in love with those chairs for a long time now. Fingers crossed.

  • ohhhh i have been OBSESSING about owning a ghost chair for YEARS and have been following Philippe Starck’s incredible work for the last 8 years!! i became transfixed the first time i stepped through an Ian Schraeger hotel, baring witness to the perfect balance of dreamy sophistication & rustic quirkiness that is the Starck Style…c’est mangnifique! <3 Please make this birthday girl’s dream come true and bestow upon me the gift of a lifetime!! :)

  • i’m quite sure i won’t be the lucky winner of this fabulous chair & equally fabulous giveawy, b/c hundreds more will leave a comment after mine, but what do i have to lose?! thanks roseline!

  • jfos said...

    here’s the thing: the louis xvi ghost chair isn’t spooky; it’s a complete romance. october is the ideal month to gift this glass slipper.
    whether or not the carriage tumbles into a pumpkin in a fit of fading stardust come midnight, this lucite delight will endure.
    and it fits just right.

    [email protected]

  • I almost peed my pants over this one! Win…..

  • my favorite chair EVER. what a dream come true it would be to win…Wow.

  • The clear is my favorite…brilliantly classic!!!


  • Anonymous said...

    Absolutely fabulous chair. I would love one. :)

    [email protected]

  • What a great giveaway! … from a great blog! I enjoyed browsing through the CSN site too. Much thx!

  • I can not believe such a give away is happening! How amazing! This single chair is what turned me onto design…. and onto the most beautifully inspiring blogs including this ever so Glamorous one. Thank You for an exciting oppurtunity!


  • This is an awesome giveaway! This would go great in my room :)

  • So beautiful!! Thank you for the great give away!

  • monica gonzalez [email protected] said...

    That chair is a dream come true! Almost so pretty I don’t want to sit in it!!
    [email protected]

  • How lovely! Fabulous post, j’adore this blog!

  • Ilooove this chair. What a great giveaway.

  • Anonymous said...

    totally chic!
    [email protected]

  • I am OBSESSED – this is the most amazing giveaway I’ve seen on any of the blogs I follow! So thank you for all your amazing give away’s and for such an amazing blog. I’ve enjoyed following you for the past few months (since I discovered you!) I would put this at my desk, and it would be beautiful!


    [email protected]

  • Lindsey said...

    This would make my YEAR to win this chair!

    [email protected]

  • FABULOUS!! I have the perfect place for it!

  • I’ve had a ghost chair on my wish list for quite some time now. I live in a little studio, so ghost chairs are great options for making my small space look less crowded than it already is. i would love to win one!

  • Amy said...

    As always – injecting a little excitement into a bureaucratic life :) Thank you for that.


  • Oh. My. God. I would just die!

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    wow, what a giveaway!!! i hope i win…

    plur268 at yahoo dot com

  • Beautiful! Always wanted one!

  • Yvonne said...

    Your giveaways keep getting better & better. I love their furniture.


  • This is the best giveaway ever!!!

  • I love these chairs and am super excited this is a giveaway!!


  • I think this might be one of the coolest giveaways I’ve seen online. I would LOVE a ghost chair.

  • The clear is my favorite. I’ve been wanting one forever! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  • Pretty sure this is THE best giveaway ever! Love these chairs soooo flippin much!

  • Oh I have always wanted one of these chairs. I hope I am picked! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  • The motto I live by is, “Surround yourself with beautiful people and beautiful things…”, and I’ve decided that I want to be surrounded by the beauty of the Kartell Louis Ghost chair. What a gorgeous work of art.

  • maddie said...

    Amazing give-away! Lucky reader whoever wins this one

    [email protected]

  • Dina said...

    These chairs are absolutely gorgeous. I would love one for my bedroom.

    [email protected]

  • OMG best. giveaway. ever.

    fingers crossed!!

  • I L O V E them!! I’m wishing and hoping!

  • Juliana Ross said...

    ah i love ghost chairs sooo much! one would be amazinggg in my bedroom!


  • I wish some more! Hope I win!
    (This time with email contact info)

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • how beautiful!!
    pick me : )
    [email protected]

  • These chairs have been on my list of things I really really really wish I could get; now I wish even more that I win one! (I love the crystal clear one, or the smoke grey, they’re both gorgeous!)

  • LOVE these chairs–so modern and timeless at the same time! Amazing giveaway, fantastic blog!


  • Meghan said...

    A dream come true! My apartment is begging for this chair!

    [email protected]

  • It would be amazing to win this chair!!!

  • Roseline, you always have the most fabulous giveaways. Crossing fingers and toes.

  • My heart stopped a little when I saw this giveaway so I had to enter!
    [email protected]

  • This is such a beautiful simplistic chair, I adore it – looks fantastic whatever you put it with and instantly adds charm! XxX

  • I love the ghost chair! It would look fabulous in just about every room in our house. I could just rotating it from room to room :)

  • The new classic! One that’s desperately needed by me and my hubby because our office is now in our living room. This chair would be the perfect touch :)

    Thanks so much for these fun giveaways!!

  • This chair is gorgeous! Fantastic give-away!

  • Wow! Well, it would be a perfect gift for my birthday on the 21st!! Italian and French connection in a chair! It really describes my life: Italian wife of an incredible half French man. I can provide a beautiful American setting in my little haunted house of expatriate!

  • Love!

  • Glamorous chair! would be prefect for my living room.

    Love your blog and congratulations on the write up in Fox news mag as one of the best blogs of 2010.


  • this chair is absolutely gorgeous. it would be the single most beauitful thing in my apartment if i had one! xo, ann

    [email protected]

  • k.herringt said...

    Ghost chairs are the perfect addition to any setting: they add irony to a traditional decor and they give a sense of history to more modern aesthetics. Phillipe Stark knows how to make a thought-provoking piece that is still timeless and elegent.

    Here’s my contact email:
    [email protected]

  • I soooooo love this chair!!!! Please make it mine!

  • Stunning! This little gen would add a touch of glamour to my tiny condo, without taking up too much visual space. Please Please Please!

  • The perfect finishing touch to my vintage glam bedroom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • What a great prize. Although after clicking over to the site and looking at the various colors, I think I’d have a major problem deciding which to choose! Thanks for the chance to win. Love Stark.

  • I Dream about this chair. Would Love to win it! fingers and toes crossed.

  • I would die to win this giveaway. I’ve been pining for a Ghost chair since they came out.

  • Love it! Modern yet graceful! This would look perfect in my office!

  • fingers crossed! xxx

  • Gorgeous chair! Finally getting around to decorating my living room in my apartment and this chair would pull it all together

    [email protected]

  • yes, please! It would be a good excuse to buy a mini one for my little mini as well ;)

  • this chair is so glamorous <3 <3

  • I would die. Okay, maybe not die. But quite possibly hyperventilate.

  • Esther Y. said...

    i <3 this chair.

  • I love these chairs. Thank you for the beautiful post and for your blog. Such a pleasure to read everyday. Wish me luck! xoxo

  • Ohmygoodness, the blue is gorgeous… or do I like the grey better?? Then again classic clear is beautiful as well… Ohhhh I hope I win!!! I’ve been needing a new desk chair badly!

  • Beth said...

    The Louis Ghost chair is so modern yet classic. I have wanted one for my loft for quite some time! So exciting!!!

  • ash said...

    what an awesome giveaway! would love to win this fabulous chair!!

    [email protected]

  • I love this chair! I’ve wanted it for my apartment!!! I would be so excited if I won…Thanks for the opportunity.

    -Alison Rodriguez
    [email protected]

  • This will be the perfect chair to sit and do homework in :)

    [email protected]

  • dustia said...

    oh, i can’t even handle the fabulousness of this giveaway! wow! love!


  • Julia said...

    OMG! I have been coveting this lovely chair FOREVER! I have the perfect place for it if I was the lucky winner. What a great giveaway!

  • I have wanted this chair for so long, I seriously think I might faint if I win. What an amazing giveaway!!!

  • the louis ghost chair is a modern day classic. i love seeing it used in any decor space because it translates so well! *sigh* so gorgeous!

  • so pretty and looks classy!

  • Alto Affair said...

    WOW! I just discovered these chairs last year when planning my wedding. I couldn’t afford to rent them for my day but have wanted to purchase a couple for my home. I think the transparent crystal clear would be a fabulous compliment to a bedroom vanity space. Thank you for your blog full of eye candy :)

    If I am lucky enough: [email protected]

  • Please, please, please. I already have the perfect spot! love it!

  • what a fabulous win this would be – thanks for your lovely blog too!

  • Me, me, me!

  • I would love to add this chair to my office! It’s so light and airy, which is exactly what I’m going for!

  • What a wonderful give away! We’re moving to a new place and this would be a stunning addition to our apartment!

  • Hi :)
    I would absolutely LOVE to win this ghost chair!! I am currently giving my room a new “look” and I’ve had my eyes on this chair (in charcoal) for a LONG time now! I just can’t afford it at the moment :)

    I LOVE Phillipe Starck. I LOVE the interior design work he’s done for hotels like the SLS in Los Angeles..I also love his industrial designs :)

    I did a review on the SLS hotel when I first started my blog!! Please check it out!!

    Elyssa Blair

  • Love, love, love the Louis Ghost! It is the perfect chair for many different setings. CSN is great, just ordered a Dash & Albert rug for a client the other day. CSN has everything!

  • Would love to win one in orange. So chic and simply gorgeous!

  • Monica said...

    What an amazing giveaway :)


  • Hi!! I just recently discovered your blog and am absolutely in love with the glamour of it! the pictures, the writings, the quotes, everything is perfect! And now the chair…

  • i have been lusting over this chair forever!

  • Oh My Goodness!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  • This might be one of the best giveaway’s ever!! The Ghost chair has been on my list for a very long time. Thank you for the chance!!

  • I call these chairs Wonder Woman chairs, because they remind me of her invisible airplane. As a writer, I wonder if sitting in this chair will make me a superhero like her. Please, please, please let me win this chair!

  • This is one of my favorites. Would love to use this in my bedroom with my Dad’s old writing desk.

  • Anonymous said...

    Have always LOVED this chair & how timely for Halloween…a fabulous spirit party! [email protected]

  • I would die if I could bring this chair in to my office space…I say space because it’s a nook and tiny, but that’s condo living!

  • These chairs are amazing and timeless. I could only be so lucky to win! Love your blog- I’m always drawing inspiration from your posts!

  • I would seriously love to own this chair!!!!!

  • I am OVER THE MOON and JUMPING FOR JOY for this one!!! <3 <3 <3

  • This would look perfect with my mirrored vanity!

  • I would love to have such an iconic piece. My favorite is the transparent crystal clear because it will match any decor that I so choose to purchase. The other colors are fabulous, but there is something so wonderful about something 100% clear. I’ve been a fan of this chair ever since I started designing so winning such a prized piece for my downtown apartment would make me one happy girl! PICK MOI! :)

  • cool chair design! this chair would look glamorous and fabulous in the ice blue color in my bedroom. email me at [email protected] if i win :-)

  • I have been lusting after a lucite ghost chair for years! Thank u for a great giveaway!!

  • Oh! What magazine is the 4th image from!? I recently purchased 4 Louis Ghost Chairs, and the same CB2 dining table for my own home renovation! I am saving desperately for 2 Louis Chairs for the head and foot of the table to complete the look, I would just die to win the giveaway!

  • I’d loved this chair since before I can remember. Fingers crossed!

  • Oh, I’ve wanted these forever and ever!

  • The Table And The Chair by Edward Lear

    Said the table to the chair,
    “You can scarcely be aware
    How I suffer from the heat
    And from blisters on my feet!
    If we took a little walk
    We might have a little talk.
    Pray, let us take the air!”
    Said the table to the chair.

    Said the chair unto the table,
    “Now you know we are not able!
    How foolishly you talk
    When you know we cannot walk!”
    Said the table with a sigh,
    “It can do no harm to try.
    I’ve as many legs as you.
    Why can’t we walk on two?”

  • Quite possibly the BEST giveaway ever! WOW! Would love to win that chair… and I’d take it in the transparent crystal clear! Incredible!

  • This has been on my wish list forever!

  • What a great give-away!!! Ya know funny thing is, I’m not a modern girl (decor wise) at all, but I love this chair. I’ve seen it in so many settings in photo shoots and it just goes with everything.

    Super Cheers to this one!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • This chair is an absolute favorite of mine. What a perfect giveaway! Whoever wins is VERY lucky.


  • Best giveaway ever! I love this chair!!!!

  • Wow, what a fabulous giveaway. We just redid our office, and this would be the PERFECT chair to complete the room. Love, love, love it.

  • I am obsessed with chairs, particularly ghost chairs! Was introduced to these for the first time at my workplace, a company that has beautifully and elegantly incorporated ghost chairs into the office environment instead of boring, traditional conference room chairs.

    Jamie xo

  • Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Love these chairs!

  • The clear one is gorgeous but the different colors are beautiful too! Especially when they’re stacked up. I love them all!

  • this chair would make the love of my life so happy…….please send it to me!

  • Amazing chairs. They can open the space in any room. I love them.

    [email protected]

  • What a cute blog :) And of course, winning a chair like this wouldn’t hurt. How cool!

  • Darling, this is most stunningly fabulous giveaway I think I’ve ever seen in blogland. I must shamelessly enter as there is little I like about the house I live in and this would give me at least one fabulous thing to love!

  • This chair would complete me :)

  • Love that chair, what a great giveaway!

  • This is by far the best giveaway EVER!!!!! I have loved this chair from the moment i first laid eyes on it a few years ago! I work for a party rental company and have been BEGGING the to get this chair to rent!

  • Hellllooooooo gorgeous! I’ve always loved this chair, pick me pick me! I am in love.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Modern & classic all at the same time. <>

  • Ooooh, I wanna win!! This would make my Fab room complete, and I will email you the lovely picture of the final look if I win this fabby ghost chair. : )

  • Skeptic to believer. Lovely chair, great for a small space such as mine.

  • Oh My.
    I am just in the process of purchasing a little place of my own and this would be a dream come true.

    what an amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  • Oh my GOODNESS! I simply adore this chair, and I have already picked the per-fect spot for it in my home. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  • beautiful!

  • Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I’d probably choose the smoke gray!

  • Wow. I think my heart stopped beating for a second. What an amazing giveaway, part of me feels like it must be a dream!
    [email protected]

  • Oh I LOVE ghost chairs and Philippe Starck on top of that?! That’s the real deal! I have the perfect antique desk to pair it with should I be so lucky.

    Thanks for the glamorous giveaway!!

  • Oh wow! This IS glamorous!! what a great giveaway—please count me in!!

  • Ooo lala! Amazing giveaway!!!


  • Absolutely amazing giveaway. Have always adored these chairs!

  • I would love to win but as I live in Scotland I might not qualify to enter. I love this blog though, so many beautiful ideas. jx

  • This is too good to be true! I’ve been waiting for the time when one of these chairs will grace my home. Gah!!!

  • Are you kidding?! This is so exciting. How I would love to own one of these chairs. (I have just the place for it, too).

  • Beyond awesome! I want a ghost chair, pretty please!

  • oh my lordy…how amazing!!

  • OMG. you’ve GOT to be kidding. I was just at an art exhibit featuring European design since 1985 and have been dyyyyying for this chair ever since!!! Fingers triple crossed!

  • The ghost chair is on my wish-list! What a great giveaway. I had no idea that Kartell offered so many color options!

  • Anonymous said...

    I’ve been in love with the crystal clear ghost chair for years and years…

    coupon hg at gmail dot com

  • Love the chair. Would be perfect by the desk!
    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  • LOVELOVELOVE this chair…

    [email protected]

  • Oh my… This is the giveaway of a lifetime! WOW! I thought I would like the clear best but the other colors are really lovely too. Wow! So exciting!

    msred5 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  • Oh my, Roséline! Wow!

    I do hope I win — I have one ghost chair sitting at my tulip table, but I would be thrilled to have one more for my future dining room *crossing fingers* — what a way to start the day — I think you have the very best giveaways :)

    Have a lovely Thursday,

  • This would be amazing to win and go perfect in my new room (which still needs a chair)! So simple, yet so perfect.
    Much love,

  • Ooooh, i would LOVE to win this beautiful classic chair! Thanks for this generous giveaway!!!

  • a ghost chair! just the thing for the season and the perfect accent to any room … I’ve used these for several decorating projects and they are fab … wouldn’t it be dreamy to have one of my own?

  • vraiment??? be still, my beating heart. this is so exciting that i don’t even know what color i’d want…


  • Holy cow, what I wouldn’t give to win! I’ve always wanted a ghost chair!

  • simply splendid giveaway!
    couldn’t resist…had to comment and leave it up to chance!

    love your blog, thanks for all the inspiring imagery!


  • Ralphie said...

    Hey this is Ralphie again.. Now I’m signed in so you can contact me if you want to make my dreams come true.. I’ll reiterate it really would be a match made in heaven.

  • Absolutely stunningly elegant, would adore this chaise in my home office. Such graceful and seamless design.

  • Halloween’s coming around, and I think this would be a great addition to my already pretty spooky decorations. Ghosts don’t have anywhere to sit these days! This is some good looking out! I need need need this for my ghost dinner party! This chair incorporates the elegance of the past with contemporary flare of the today’s most cutting edge style. I think a ghost sitting in such a modern chair would feel at home yet trendy, welcome to stay forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3! pick me please! pretty please! i’ll do anything.

  • Cecilia said...

    Really!! Am I dreaming? I’ve seen this chair in countless of fashion, interior decorating magazine. I’ve been wanting one, since forever! I would seriously passed out if I won!!

    angelbaby_cecilia23 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  • gorgeous. so romantic, surprising from a piece of clear plastic. Love!

  • oh, these chairs are divine!

    momariew (at) gmail (dot) com

  • They really are stunners. I thought I would be over them fast when I first saw them but I like them more each time. Definitely the clear or glossy white for me!

  • Yes Please!!! Perfect chair for a girl with an invisble house :)
    [email protected]

  • Ralphie said...

    I just really love this chair. It’s a match made in heaven if you pick me.

  • I’ve always admired this style!


  • A ghost chair just in time for Halloween!

  • Oh, to live with a ghost! It would be a dream!

  • OH MY GOODNESS. this is hands down my absolute most favorite chair ever. please please please please please!

  • how exciting! thank you so so much for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  • Fantastic giveaway! I was just thinking of getting one.

  • Fabulous giveaway! I love ghost chairs!!

  • Oh I love this! Fantastic item to giveaway!

  • LOVE these chairs! Crossing my fingers that I win!

  • I’ve been dying for one (or more!) of these for sooo long now. Maybe destiny will give in? :)

  • Laure A said...

    I love love LOVE ghost chairs! So beautiful!

  • I am completely in love with this chair! I have been wanting one for so long! Me me me me me!!!

  • What a great giveaway! I love this chair in orange!

  • Wow, this chair is one-of-a-kind and beautiful!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Gorgeous chairs, I’d love to win. They’re a contemporary classic.

  • Love! <3

  • This is SOOO glamorous! I´d love to win!

  • It looks soo cool!! I love CSN Stores. I really do! I would love to put this chair in my new place! =)

  • This chair will make all my dreams come true!

  • Oh. my .goodness I want to win this give away so bad! I want ghost chairs in every room!!!

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