{have a magical weekend + links}


. . . with these blustery days and tousled hair, it is very possible that dreams may fall out . . . early sunday morning and the golden september sun has filled the air with a million possibilities and it is in these quiet moments, between sleep and awake, that dreams and thoughts intermingle and a new adventure is about to begin . . .

hope you’re having a wonderfully magical weekend and that it’s beautiful where you are,

{a few lovely links:}
* tabletop: pretty, pretty plates
* design: custom for your bicycle
* at home: gilt mirrors & chandeliers
* fashion inspiration: trench coats & polka dots
* perfectly lovely: striped awnings
* more to come after brunch . . .

{as always, a few things you may have missed:}
* décor inspiration: seashells & leopard print
* fashion inspiration: a little romance
* two lovely things: luxurious textures
* hello: queen anne’s lace & marigold capelets
* runway: sophisticated seventies
* colour inspiration: gold & lilac
* fashion inspiration: let’s go out tonight
* interior designer: tom scheerer
* for autumn: gold lamé & black velvet
* travel: paris, london, italy, new york

{& new for the weekend:}
* artist: carly waito, oil on masonite
* runway inspiration: j. mendel
* at home with: fashion designer jennifer nicholson
* two lovely things: mirrors & chandeliers

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