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One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.

~thomas wolfe

. . . a few summer weekends ago, spent a few hot and hazy days in new york city, days filled with early morning swims, bellinis and brunches and sundrenched terraces, afternoon markets and dusky shops with herringbone floors, glasses of perfectly chilled champagne and red velvet cupcakes, sunset in the park and long, lingering moments soaking in the intoxicating energy all around, leaving with memories of dinner on the very last night among topiaries and carrera — oysters to start, followed by seared sea scallops, rocchetta, medjool dates, lardoons with champagne vinaigrette . . . and it was farewell until next time . . .

{images: all photography by p & this is glamorous © august 2010; p.s. if you follow on twitter, you may have already heard about some of our adventures xo}

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  • I somehow just found this post but it is so beautiful, R. You captured our city and all of its magic perfectly. Can’t wait till you return!

  • WOW.
    These are such stunning photos!
    I like coming to your site for photography inspiration. (I do portrait photography in Atlanta.) Would you mind sharing with me how you got these tones? I went to Provincetown, MA this summer and would love to play around with my images.
    If you could give me some Photoshop direction, I would sure love it!
    [email protected]

  • I can not even explain, but I just love NYC so, so much. I was so happy when I lived there. These photos are refreshing, it’s great to see them!!

  • These photos are hauntingly beautiful. I just keep coming back to them.

  • FXOX said...

    I just went over to twitter – goodness, overwhelming is an understatement! Hugs FOXOX

  • FXOX said...

    Dear R, lovely to see your images and will wader over to twitter to read about your adventures. I found NY difficult to photograph when I was there, but now have some inspiration for next time:-) Love FXOX

  • I love the imagery! You make NY look like NY!

    Love your blog!

  • Great photo :) and the color… amazing :)

    Have a nice day!

  • These photographs are absolutely lovely… as always, you provide a special inspiration and as such, want to thank you for the tremendous effort you put into your blogs… I could never do without…

    All the very best,

    Linda xo

  • what lovely photos! a beautiful way to capture a bustling city, love it :)

  • My heart aches! My old stomping grounds.

    I feel like I belong to New York even when I don’t want to. I talk about it badly but deep down inside, it will always have a place in my heart.


  • The soft light in these photos is just dreamy Roseline!

    Still sorting through images of my little New York trip. Always so completely fascinated with all the architecture there,I find myself constantly looking up at the buildings it’s a wonder I haven’t tripped and fallen into a gutter!

    Love how you’ve captured the energy of the city, but some quiet moments as well…

    Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

  • Even though I am not there anymore…my heart is ALWAYS in NYC <3

  • I love the low saturation pictures and pink overtones. Gorgeous!

  • Oh Lord, was hanging of your every word….too delicious.

  • lovely!

  • gosh these photos are so lovely! I have yet to visit NYC but Im terrified and anxious at the same time!

  • the alternative wife — how utterly flattering! although truth be told, have visited so many times, may even be honorary new-yorkers :)


  • sandy – thank you so much for all your lovely tweets and for taking the time to leave such a wonderfully thoughtful comment — and yes! you must catch a flight as soon as possible


  • liz – always lovely to have you back :)

    rachel – thank you! & for following xo

    paloma – thanks so much! & yes, trip was beautiful, as always

    style maniac – so wonderfully put! – thank you

    novelista barista — thanks so much

    ljeoma – thank you!

    carabella — :)


  • Oh, I love New York…sigh. Looks like you had a truly glamorous trip!

  • i haven’t been back to NY in years.. these photos are roping me in!!


  • Beautiful! I love how these don’t look like the typical NYC photos. It’s like you’re looking at it through a NYers eyes. Thanks for capturing my hometown so beautifully :)

  • I just came back from NYC too :) and posted about it..

    Hope you`re having a fabulous week!
    xo, Thili

  • goodness, this is serious glam. le sigh!

  • i’ve never been there, but i’ve been in love with nyc since sex and the city… i want to move there someday!

  • These are amazing photos! Very beautiful indeed.

    Enjoy your week.

  • I don’t know anyone that can capture emotion to tell the story with photographs like you. It never ceases to amaze. I have loved NY from the first moment I traveled there years ago and the photos almost made me get teary because I miss it so. It’s strangely unexplainable how a place can come to mean so much to you when you have never lived there, but it does. Thanks for reminding me that I have to hop a plane … and soon.

  • i love these pictures.

  • the words, the images … seductively romantic & simply sublime

  • Beautiful!

  • I really miss NYC . Thanks for shating these beautiful moments with us

  • Your images are gorgeous, R! It looks like you had a lovely trip.

  • Your blog is so beautiful! Love these pictures!

    Now following!

  • i really miss walking around in NY… my trip was fantastic and I’ve read yours was too…

  • wow i lvoe these. especially the sepia (?) color tone. ohh NYC you’re gorgeous

  • hello my dear…

    it’s been long since i’ve visited your beautiful blog. hope you’ve been well.

    your hot and hazy days in new york sound so wonderful and delicious. i too dream of new york and hope to be in such places depicted in your images.

    hugs and kisses to you

    from me ^-^

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