{happy monday + thoughts for a new week}



. . . another summer weekend may have come and gone, but it was filled with french bread and escargots, nights in silk dresses and upswept hair, and a lingering of early morning breezes laden with a beautiful excitement . . . and over morning cups of coffee, reminded of a favourite winston churchill quote:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

. . . a wonderful thought for a brand new week, and hope yours is off to a perfect start,

{p.s.} late august, which means a wildly sporadic posting schedule and never quite seem to get into the week until it’s nearly over, and so — many new & wonderful things you may have missed at week’s end:
* weekend romance & lovely links
* in the bedroom: only sweet dreams
* photographer: camilla akrans & autumn blossoms
* in the bedroom: crisp linens & scalloped edges

{my wonderworld}

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  • sarah – hello! & a happy, happy monday to you – hope you had a fantastic weekend . . . as for your grandmother, do hope winston churchill’s wisdom helps, even if only a little . . .

    {p.s.} yes, quite adore the mirrored console and entire room – both relaxing and elegant at once, which is quite a wonderful combination – also, first image was removed for use in a later post :)


  • Isn’t life so much more fun when being an optomist!Love the pic! I would love more glass furniture. Fiona

  • I love early mornings, and I love pretty crystals! Beautiful post and Happy Monday to you. ♥


  • Great quote – and so true! Hope your week will be as gorgeous as yur weekend:)

  • 1. Nothing more glamorous that glass, gilt and crystal! 2. That sounds like one hell of a weekend!

  • Sounds like a fun weekend!!! Lovely photos, and hope you have a fab week:-)

  • Have a nice week too……

  • I think you would like Louise Mitchell’s work -I have couple of her nighties and they are so lovely – the sort of lingerie women buy for themselves! I went to school with her…

  • I loved the editorial you posted last week by Camilla, it’s one of my new favorite fashion editorials.

    The crystal candelabra is lovely, too. xo

  • Roséline, I want to walk into that second photo — it’s so beautiful and calm… lovely quote, too, I must send this to my Grandmother, who I love, but can find something negative in everything, and as hard as I try to bring her into the positive, she tries to remain there… this will be helpful :)

    wishing you a fabulous start to the week,


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