{colour inspiration: brown & black and bits of gold}










. . . august has always been a bittersweet month with thoughts of summer’s fading days lingering in the air, a light and breezy linen dress one afternoon, a cozy camel-coloured cardigan the next, and with each night that falls, the knowledge that soon the days will become shorter and the nights . . . they will be brushed in shades of sable and onyx and scattered with candlelight and bits of gold . . .

{p.s.} more leopard print

{images: 1 – patterson maker; 2 – fashion toast via startdust memories; 3 & 10 – photography by candida höfer via lisa golightly; 4 – absolutely beautiful things; 5 – livingetc via fashionedit; 6 – coralie bickford-smith; 7 – a glamorous little side project; 8 – anna casa via the diversion project}

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  • Love love love!!

  • Beautiful first image….that led me to ‘Love Story’ actually.

  • I have to admit… I’m so excited leopard is back.


  • wow these pictures are beautiful and go so well together! I LOVE the necklace in the 4th one down.

  • The kitchen in the center of the post is sooo divine, thanks so much for sharing!

  • noon saao said...

    gorgeous post, beautiful, everything here is perfect.

  • The coat and the model in the first photo are absolutely gorgeous. I love how something that is so the opposite of subtle (a leopard print coat) can look so beautifully delicate when photographed properly. Gorgeous!
    Love, A

  • I saw Miu Miu.
    I came here.
    I want the coat.

    I realize those three statements are not entirely interrelated, but it is exactly as it flowed through my brain as it happened.

    That coat is beautiful.


  • Beautiful! It makes me think of the interior of a Louis Vuitton store, which I think is so beautifully, simply, and richly decorated.

  • Lovely :)

  • You make fall sound so romantic! Now I can’t wait!

  • tricia rose – all lovely things – feel so much better now!

    ms. p and c – thank you! + such a lovely way to put it…

    sandy – such a thoughtful comment — thanks so much for all your wonderful support, both here and on twitter xo

    naomi – so true + yes, tricia rose described all the things that are best about the coming seasons

    déts piancastelli heiderich – thank you xo

    sarah – as always, thank you, and a fabulous day to you as well!


  • Beautifully put together. The color combo of gold and black is such classic! xoxo

  • Lovely post.. I share your sentiments on the ending of summer. Though I also enjoy autumn, with cozy warm sweaters. Still, I have no idea where summer went this year, it is just passing by all too quickly.

  • So so beautifully put together, Roséline. I love the strength and elegance of this look. Very feminine for certain, but a little masculine thrown in for good measure. As I am planning my Fall wardrobe, this is really helping me along…

    wishing you a fabulous day, my friend,


  • amazing pictures :)
    i like your blog so much

  • oooo i love the fireworks photo.
    i dont even know how to begin to explain what draws me to it.

  • I absolutely love what Tricia Rose said. There is good in every season, and you kind always find some warmth in the beauty of the colder months.

  • I’m such a fan of your blog! You not only, somehow, find images of glamour that we have floating in our mind somewhere (along with our own personal soundtrack!) and put them out there for us to view, but you also accompany them with words that reflect our feelings. Blog Bravo!

  • I love this post! A gorgeous mix of luxe and life…

  • don’t be sad about summer: think cashmere, candles, books and open fires…

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