{summertime, summertime}

. . . if you allowed yourself to be enchanted by the beauty to be seen in even ordinary things, then all things proved to be extraordinary.

~ dean koonz

. . . summertime at last, my favourite time of year and there’s a beautiful heaviness to the air that only comes from languorously hazy & humid days, and there are plans for picnics {more than anything} and hand-rolled waffle cones with two scoops {mango and pralines & cream}, golden beaches and midnight walks . . . and whether luxurious plans for afternoon daydreams on gold-threaded italian silk and strolling the winding paths of elaborate gardens, or sunlit days on terraces and dinners outdoors at sunset, wishing you a summer filled with more beauty than you can stand . . .

happy first day of summer!

{images: 1 – trouvais}