{favourite things: sensuous scents + perfect pouts}


chanel, tom ford
tom ford private blend lipstick. . . a longstanding love-affair with tom ford‘s ultra-sultry black orchid eau de parfum and luminous hair perfume, but with languorous summer days not far off, longing for the linger of spring florals, and have been wearing chanel‘s gardénia, from les exclusifs de chanel collection — an ode to the camellia, it’s both sweet and sexy and perfect for the last of the golden spring mornings . . .

{p.s.} also lovely: the dusky white patchouli eau de parfum spray and quite smitten with tom ford’s new private blend lip color collection {the packaging alone is stunning}, with fun shades such as bruised plum, pink dusk & vanilla suede {& for an extra glamorous night out, these}

{top image: a glamorous little side project}