{colour inspiration: buttercream}

. . . good morning! hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend; had the wonderful privilege of spending a perfect few days soaking up sunny rays on a terrace in the country, taking breaks only for ice cream at old stone cottages and glasses of chardonnay on wrought iron chairs at quaint cafés by the river . . . and today is so stunningly beautiful and summer-like, abandoning the indoors for a while for a few moments in the sun {such a lovely time of year!}, leaving you with soft and elegant, and always classic, shades of buttercream . . .

à bientôt & hope your week is off to a beautiful start,

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* & one more day for the diamond give-away . . .

{images: 1&2 – gabrielle kai; 3 – country home may 2005 via greige}