{at home: fresh flowers + golden light}


. . . always lovely to have a saturday afternoon to spend at the market, and recently did just that: he, picking up ingredients for a new paella recipe, and i, happening upon the most charming bouquets of ranunculus and roses in stunning shades of sunset and cerise and — once home — utterly enchanted by each perfect petal caught in the golden rays of late afternoon light . . .

{photography by p for this is glamorous + this is glamorous}

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  • megan — hello! apologies it has taken this long to reply — yes, will definitely do a follow-up article with steps and tips & tricks x

  • Hello!

    Curious if you are planning to share more details on your coffee table gold leafing project. I am considering the same treatment for my own coffee table and would love to hear your process/materials/tips&tricks!


  • Oh I LOVE Paella, thanks for reminding me I need a recipe for one! Gorgeous pics :)

  • i can’t believe you took these yourself! the colors are amazing — i would love to see more of your personal photos! thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) yours is simply one of the best!

  • Those colors rose are my favorites!Also white color ofcourse.
    Red rose?! Nope :-)
    Amazing pictures!
    Have a nice spring day,

  • You two make me smile:) Paella and seafood risotto are my two favorite dishes. There is the BEST paella place in the city!

  • Gorgeous! And the paella sounds wonderful too…
    Mmmm – springtime.
    xo Michaela

  • These photos are amazing, they capture the first days of spring perfectly!

  • Rhiannon Nicole – thank you!

    Betta Gaeta – Happy Spring to you as well

    Keri – such a lovely comment – thanks so much!

    Felicity – actually have quite a few own photographs of flowers, but never posted them :) [] and yes, could not decided on the colours and there were so many pretty bunches, ended up with five – would have had one more, but ended up passing up a beautiful bouquet of white roses to an elderly lady [] so happy you noticed the gold leaf! and even more so that you like it — thought you might notice and actually had decided to practice on the coffee table first, and was such a huge project, that haven’t managed to try anything else, although may consider a carved wood mirror that’s too lovely to store away . . . [] wonderful spring wishes and smiles to you, dy and the cherubs ♥

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    hello everyone! hope your week is wonderful so far and that you’re having a beautiful spring {or autumn to the lovely readers in the southern hemisphere} – very much looking forward to more afternoons of golden sun and of course, many more spring bouquets . . .
    hope you’re well,

  • fXOX said...

    I forgot to say – P, love your images. You really have “an eye”

  • Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Makes me want to go out and fill up my house with flowers!

  • So beautiful – been completely captivated by the golden light recently, these photos are just perfect!

  • Rose and Raununculus… What could be better?!?!

  • FXOX said...

    Oooooooooh, beautiful.

    Just beautiful…

    You should do more of your photos ….. and especially of flowers :-)

    I love how you buy not just one bunch but ( at least) 3:-)

    And I have to laugh, do tell, has the the gold leafing project overflowed to the furniture??

    If it has – it looks superb :-)

    Hugs, bright sunshine and the wishes for the joy that spring brings, to you and P



  • Painfully gorgeous. Not surprising. I need for you to cone and design the interior of my house. Your eye for beautiful things is tremendous.Xx

  • Beautiful colors, love the images of spring :)

  • I love those colors with the table. So pretty!


  • Spring! I love the colors and possiblities!!
    Best, Connie

  • Love flowers!!

  • The roses are pretty! Happy Spring for you!

  • These are so romantic :) xx

  • you have an amazing blog, wow!! totally love it :)

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