{two lovely things: magazine storage}


{two lovely things:} wood & metal along a wall in a sunny room for favourite past issues, and custom built-ins in powder blue for storing your impressive collection of vogue paris . . .

{images: 1 – previous post; 2 – photography by william abranowicz, scan from martha stewart living may 2005}

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  • Wow, those powder blue, specially made floating shelves are FAB-U-LOUS! They really look cool. I’m a lover of having things looking organised and geometric, so their layout is very pleasing to my eye!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my bookcase linky with this terrific post and making me look less dorky! Gorgeous blog too!

    Linda. xox

  • now that is some pretty organization…very happy you left this link. always makes me want to clean up my mags…love.

  • Magazines can look good even when being stored!

  • This is really inspiring :)

  • LOL! I certainly need more magazine storage…and these are gorgeous.

  • Wow! Who knew that so many magazine could look so organized?? Amazing!

  • Great ideas! I’ve been looking for a way to store my ever growing collection of home decor magazines. Maybe my husband could build me some shelves :)

  • the key would be how do I keep it looking like this??? lol!

  • what cozy looking spaces!

  • And of course, somehow you know that we all need help in this area!

  • I love this idea, it turns your magazines in to little stacks of art!

  • I love those. SO. MUCH. xoxo

  • Hello Amy — thank you! + yes, the problem is with the feed — try using this url instead:


    Hope that helps,

  • Love your blog. I’m trying to link to it on mine, but it won’t work! Have you heard of other people having this problem too? I also use blogspot.com. Thanks.

  • Maryam – sounds fantastic – always good to have a handyman around :)

    Anne – the shelf you linked is gorgeous!

    Hope everyone is having great week,

  • Lovely organization! Cute pup too!

  • This is a great idea, i’d probably use it as an area to show off my favorite magazines, as I have boxes and boxes of them stored in my spare bedroom.

  • That first set of shelving is right up my alley! I’m such a book shelf snob–I’m so picky that I actually don’t have any in my house right now because I can’t find any that I like within my budget. I’m tired of all those crappy Ikea shelves, so I’d rather go without!

    Now if I could get my hands on a set like in that pic, I’d be golden!

    The other ones I have my eyes on are these–they have a set in a vintage shop near my house, and every time I walk by I press my nose to the shop windows like a kid outside a candystore: http://tinyurl.com/yg7ar8f

  • Oh, the second layout is so lovely! Neat and organized, yet a little interesting. A fun idea :)

  • Really nice.I love the bottom picture. Jas

  • After the bottom fell out of the basket where I was keeping my magazines I realized that I need to come up with some more permanent storage method. I’ve always loved the look of pretty leather or fabric covered magazine holders neatly lined up on a shelf.

  • I wish my place looked like that…only in my dreams!

  • So beautiful and inspiring!

  • Really beautiful … and then I saw the dog, adorable .. I’m such a softie for pets.

  • Love these one’s. Always looking for new places to stash my magazines.

  • Mmmmm, that metal and wood shelf is gorgeous. I’m thrilled about this industrial/restoration trend- it’s a beautiful way to incorporate a masculine look into decor. Trust me, my boyfriend is thrilled too!

  • My husband built me beautiful magazine storage for our home in Marrakech – it holds 100s of back issues!

  • Really love this idea of storing magazines! I have so many that this is perfect!

  • I am seriously running out of space, love the shelves near the bed…great ‘bedtime reading’ and out of the way :) And that dog! Looks unreal!

  • I always look at fabulous home decor pictures, and capture the perfect looks for my own home. I realized I’m highly indecisive when it comes to decorating. I guess I have commitment issues. =)

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