{give-away: champagne satin clutch}


Today’s give-away is a stunningly lovely Georgia clutch in champagne satin by Emma Gordon London!

As perfect with jeans by day as it is with sequins by night, the Georgia clutch is entirely handmade by Emma in her home studio in London:

Incredibly, Emma still hand makes every order herself from start to finish and offers a special made-to-order service for weddings or parties or even to custom match your favourite outfits . . .

To enter, {click here} to visit Emma Gordon London, or {here} to visit Emma’s Etsy shop, then leave a comment below.

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

* one winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after Wednesday, October 7, 2009; give-away open to all countries; image 1 – via a glamorous little side project

214 Notes
  • Oh how beautiful! My fingers are crossed so tightly for this one.

  • Love it!

  • Clutches are the absolute best accent to any great outfit. You can never have enough in varying shapes and sizes! Love Emma’s-they are so beautiful.

  • Gordon Bennett! Exquisite glamour and eclectically gorgeous :)

  • Oh, how lovely…
    Perfect warm colors for these crisp fall days!
    Reminds me of bubbly pink champagne and anything french…

  • This clutch is so beautiful and delicate. It can soften up almost any outfit!

  • I love that lovely shade of peach on the clutch you’ve featured. :)

  • Beautiful!

  • i’ve been eyeing up this shop for a while now- and the champaigne is the perfect color!

  • NB said...

    So elegant!!

  • It makes me so happy to find gorgeous new shops on Etsy. Just lovely!

  • I am not getting married but I would still take this everywhere! Pick me!

  • All her bags are fabulous!!I’m smitten!

  • Gorgeous. I need that in my life.

  • So lovely!

  • Beautiful and the colors are amazing! I love these handbags!!
    [email protected]

  • Wow! So elegantly beautiful! This will be one lucky winner indeed! =-D

  • Wow, slim chance, but I’d love to have it for my very own!

  • Gorgeous handbags, I love them all!


  • I love her handbags – esp the combinations with polka dots!
    This champagne clutch is just so lovely too!

  • Chic, Sophisticated and Completely and utterly elegant! I think I have finally found what I’ve been searching for! A gorgeously crafted, unique little clutch to complement my outfit for my 17th birthday celebration! thankyou for helping me discover this jem

  • Maria Felix said...

    I love the very pretty tone of pink. And the rosette is too sweet.

    I think this shade is my favorite. It borders on real sweet and totally sexy.

  • Gorgeous clutch;* I’d be delighted to carry it!!

  • it’s so beautiful!! thanks for the opportunity!


  • Love.

  • kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

    Gorgeous! The Georgia silver and red satin clutch from her etsy shop is also particularly striking… :)

  • what a beautiful clutch! so soft and girly. love it! hope I win!

    [email protected]

  • I love the elegance of her designs, very feminine lots of ruffles.

  • Laura said...

    This would make any outfit! Oh random generator please pick me :P
    I love this clutch. Definitely going to look into more of Emma Gordon’s items!

    [email protected]

  • Lisa said...

    This would be a great addition to my accessories because sadly, I don’t even own a clutch :(
    but I really do love this handmade one! Hope I win but good luck to all!

    [email protected]

  • Anna said...

    Oh my…how beautiful is that? I’d love to own this satin clutch and what reals me in even more is the gorgeous champagne color! I cant believe this is handmade!!

    [email protected]

  • I’ve just found your blog, and thank you for inspiring me.

    I’m in love with design, and your blog is beautiful.

  • Christian said...

    Very Sweet, love to give one of them to my girlfriend.

  • What a lovely give-away! Love your blog – endless inspiration! Thank you!

  • So happy to find your blog and love this link. The headband is my favorite. So glad to have found you!

  • Simply stunning! I would love to carry around this gorgeous piece of artwork!

  • Colleen said...

    A beautiful and delicate creation! I wish had the ability to sew things like this. hm…perhaps it is a new hobby that should be added to my list. :)

    [email protected]

  • found your blog through We Heart It and must say it is a fantastic discovery :) also love the Etsy mention!

  • Grethe said...

    The clutch is gorgeous!
    I checked her website and I really like her other creations, too.

    [email protected]

  • this bag would go perfectly with my new evening gown! thanx for posting about this handbag designer. I like the designs and the prices are pretty reasonable. There’s too many bags that i like on the site…

  • Lux-u-rious!!! Somethings never go out of style.

  • these are so beautiful – need to find an outfit good enough to wear with it!

  • I’ve fallen for her Anaises and Lolas :)Lovely, gorgeous, feminine creations!

  • wow.
    i need it, love it, want it.

    Please, can I win it?

  • What a beautifully feminine clutch! I’d pair it with jeans and a jacket with metallic shoes. A mix of rocker chic.

  • I’m not even a purse person and I think this is just stunning!

  • Thank you for pointing the way to Emma’s beautiful collection!

  • So gorgeous. It’s the exact color and material of my wedding dress. It would be the perfect accessory!

  • So very lovely…

  • Heather said...

    Incredibly chic, elegant and romantic! I love that it is handmade… how incredibly talented Emma is!! This would fit into my wardrobe perfectly…

    hluke (at) christies (dot) com

  • Such a beautiful handmade clutch!

  • I love the feminitity of these bags! Just gorgeous!

  • This beauty will be perfect with my champagne colored dress for an upcoming formal I’m attending. Beautiful, thank you!

  • LauraMarie said...

    Oh, I just love clutches, and these are so pretty. I even think the champagne-coloured clutch here is my favourite!

  • SO lovely! The satin is just so scrumptious — and the headband just says fun whimsy!

  • That clutch is so beautiful! I love how feminine it is, with the soft color and beautiful flower…

    also – dude, her prices are cheap, for such beautiful handmade work! You go, Emma Gordon.

  • WoW!!! This is handmade @ its best!!! Just sexy gorgeous. I must have it, I need it!!! The color, texture. It is just luxurious glamour puss all over it. I could see myself wearing this with my fabulous cocktail ring and pearls being the envy of all the women in the room, (evil laugh) ha ha ha ha ha!!! Just kidding…okay maybe not ;op Pick me!!!

  • Absolutely gorgeous handmade bags! <3

  • oh this is so beautiful – i want all of her things!!! please let it be me :) [email protected]

  • absolutely gorgeous as is everything else in her shop!

  • hello gorgeous! that is amazing!

  • How gorgeous are her clutches?! Must have one!

  • The Georgia navy/lime clutch bag is amazing. I would love to carry it at night to grab cocktails with my hubby.

  • Love her gorgeous clutches!

  • Her things are beautiful! I’ve never really gotten in to the clutch fad (because I carry around too much stuff!), but if I had one of these, it would force me to only carry the necessities.

  • Wow, the clutches are GORGEOUS! I love the navy/lime. Just stunning…

  • OOOOOooo I just love ruffles! I love her frills and designs! She has a lovely collection and I’d love to pair a Emma Gordon clutch with a lovely little dress!

  • Stunning! Etsy is such a fabulous showcase for talented artists. Great giveaway! I squee with excitement just thinking of owning it.

  • Gorgeous, truly beautiful. And free shipping world wide? Wow. I love the clutch with the lace and lime, too.

  • These are amazing! I love that they are all handmade…it makes them truly unique. Thanks for passing along her product to all of us!

  • Love this! Ideal for all those holiday parties coming up!

  • Wow, they are truly gorgeous! I LOVE the navy and lime version of this one.

  • So beautiful…elegance with a twist.

  • wow her work is incredible – i love all the little pretty things on her site
    beautiful clutch too :)

  • I love everything about it.

  • Anonymous said...

    I love all of Emma’s handbags!

    plur268 at yahoo dot com

  • Swoon!

  • Really love this delicate and romantic clutch! :-)

  • simply luxuriously beautiful!

  • ohhhh lovely… emma gordon, what a spectacular artist you are! the clutch would look uber fabulous on my arm while I am clutching my own glass of champagne…no pun intended ;)

  • What a sweet little purse!

  • Oh, I just love her roses! The clutches are beautiful.

  • They’re all so beautiful, and I love rosettes!

  • just gorgeous!

  • What a great clutch?! I see this clutch as the accessory that takes a conservative outfit from day to night – work to cocktail. It is also the perfect compliment to a little black dress on Saturday night. If this clutch could talk it would have stories to tell of great conversation and lots of champagne.

  • i never win anything but thought i’d try regardless so fingers crossed…! its an awesome giveaway – thank you so much.

  • how adorable – her work is right up my alley!!

  • Stunningly gorgeous is right!

  • ah, lovely. :)

  • Kat C. said...

    OMG i love the Georgia blue and pink clutch bag in her etsy shop. fab fab fab!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  • Comme c’est jolie:)

  • Julie — thank you! + welcome to t.i.g. :)

    Catherine — thanks so much


  • Gorgeous!! Love the color!
    You have the best giveaways! :)

  • How positively lovely! Perfect for my wedding.

  • I really like the Olivia style. gorg.

  • WoW! The most elegant tone of satin and perfect detailed accents ~ I am in loooove! I love all of her headbands too but this clutch is stunning! OH the possibilities… wishful thinking… fingers crossed ;)

    xoxo love,


  • So beautiful!
    I love love love it :)
    And I love the fact that it is handmade!

  • I loved everything, but the champagne satin clutch is just PERFECT! eda

  • She makes such beautiful bags. Whoever wins is a lucky girl!

  • how lovely!

  • Yay! Go handmade! Handmade can be glamorous (not always crafty…). The champagne clutch goes perfectly with my wedding dress (the most glamorous piece of anything I’ve ever owned, which makes sense right?. So gorgeous and simple! I would be a very lucky girl to win your handmade clutch.

  • Stunning! Love the great colour combinations – especially the navy & lime. I am seriously going to have to consider these for my bridesmaids!

    Kindest regards,

    Miss Nightingale

  • It could be the perfect wedding dress accessory!

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • That’s beautiful!

  • What beautiful bags! Whoever wins is a lucky girl :)

  • Gorgeous giveaway!

  • SamV said...

    I dream of owning something this beautiful.

  • emma is so talented and all her bags are just gorgeous! i know this bag would cause all the others in my collection to be green with envy!

  • daintykate said...

    It’s Audrey Hepburn in a clutch: impeccably stylish, feminine, delightful.

  • They are so GLAMOROUS ;) I adore the ivory and navy combination!

  • I love love love the lime/navy combo …too cute!

  • what a lovely bag. I could picture myself carrying it to hundreds of places.

    hope I win :)

  • Anonymous said...

    [email protected]

    Lovely clutches, they’are indeed very unique

  • Beautiful bags! Perfect for a night out. love love love!

  • Emma’ s beauties are too good for me, but I hope I win nonetheless!

  • Would love to carry this clutch on my wedding day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Would love to carry this clutch on my wedding day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Oh, I love the Georgia in navy/lime. Perfect for fall. It’s tied with the champagne for being the cutest. I love give-aways!

  • Fabulous giveaway! I also like the white on white Georgia ivory bridal clutch from the shop.

  • Her goodies are delightful! I’ve got the perfect dress for that handbag!

  • Oh I loove Emma! and I’ve always wanted a clutch from her line! I hope I win!

  • The Georgia clutches are my absolute favs. So fancy! If I won this, I’d make my boyfriend take me out somewhere fancy so I could use it.

  • beautiful bags in lovely colors!

  • oh my gosh – this is absolutely gorgeous! i would LOVE to sport this out and about on the town! i think this post just hurt my wallet….

  • gorgeous!

  • what a GORGEOUS clutch! I would love to take this out for a night on the town with the girls!

  • Anonymous said...

    Gorgeous! Pick me! Pick me!
    [email protected]

  • Wow. Her Etsy shop is chuck full of AMAZING clutches and headbands and gorgeousness. I’m loving her lace ones too! Pick me pick me!!

  • So gorgeous, I would be one lucky lady carrying this lovely clutch around. I love.

  • This clutch is gorgeous ~ can’t believe it is handmade! I think the color would look fantastic contrasting with a LBD – and it would be the perfect excuse to buy a pair of gold heels to go with!

  • I can’t believe how elegant and chic this clutch looks. Perfect for a dinner out- I hate lugging big bags around when I’m wearing a girly dress.

  • This is so very beautiful. I would be the happiest girl in the world wearing it :)


  • L-O-V-E

  • That would look PERFECT with a dress I am wearing to a wedding!! Handmade? Even better, that means it has a story and love behind it!

  • That is Lovely! Hope I can be lucky enough to win something so beautiful.

  • this is darling!!!

  • Thank You for this lovely giveaway!

    very nice creations!

  • Everything is so gorgeous!! Love it all! xx

  • Anonymous said...

    beautiful clutch! would definitely be a piece to display on a shelf in my bedroom, as opposed to wasting its uniqueness by hiding it away in a closet.

  • Julie said...

    Just recently discovered your blog. It’s the perfect dose of glam and I love it. The clutch is fabulous. I’ve bookmarked her etsy shop in my faves. Thank you!

  • Everything is so lovely!

  • What a beauty! Just checked her shop out! She does amazing job! I’m absolutely in love with every item she sells… beautiful! Very unique and very girly style. I like it a lot! I would love to win this give-away!

    bisous. deva.
    merci et j’espère que j’aurai de la chance!

  • Sigh, yes please! Gorgeous!
    [email protected]

  • So glamorous. I’ve never had such a stylish clutch before. And it would work perfectly with a dress I have… Just lovely.

  • Absolutely beautiful and delicate!

  • Beautiful Stuff! I want…

  • Wow this is gorgeous!! Her shop has beautiful pieces too.

  • I love the romantic simplicity of her bags! Perfect for any occasion!

  • Such a beautiful fabric and rendition! Lovely to see things still being done with style.

  • these are totally georgous! i love the cream clutches with the bright colored flower – stunning! thanks so much for pointing me in the direction of this incredible designer!!

  • Beautiful! Bookmarking Now…

  • so in love! <3 xoxo

  • I’m such a sucker for satin clutches, its just so glamorous and sweet at the same time. This one is especially uber cute!

  • So splendid and chic. It is a little lovely addition to a muted outfit. How wonderful!

  • I love EVERYTHING on Emma’s website! Definitely my go-to now for sweet little gifts.

  • pure stain sublimity…
    emma’s bow headbands are adorable also!


  • love all the colours combos on her site of this clutch!

  • gorgeous and romantic, I would love to carry this around town

  • She has so many great clutches, but that champagne color is so versatile. It is so lovely! Fingers crossed!

  • That’s so pretty… I want it!

  • daniela said...

    That clutch is beautiful. I love the color! Even more on the site! What a great giveaway. Good luck to all!

    ([email protected])

  • Lovely and elegant!


  • OMG – I actually think this is the perfect clutch! I would love it for a wedding I’m in this coming fall. It’s so beautiful!

  • What a beautiful purse. It’s enough to make a garden girl want to clean up !

  • the clutch is lovely – hope i get good news!

  • I’m getting married soon and this would be perfect with my dress!

  • her stuff is so cute, and impressive that she makes it by hand. wonderful for you to highlight her work. ~risa

  • Gorgeous! And I’ve been looking for a new clutch. Fingers crossed!

  • We wants wants wants it!

  • So gorgeous! Always classy :)

  • that is beautiful!

  • WOW!! that clutch is perfectly divine! her etsy store is full of so many beautiful things, but that clutch really is something else. even if i don’t win, thanks for the new obsession :)

  • Gorgeous and sexy!

  • This is a stunning piece and all hand-made. What an honor to own one! beautiful. Count me in for the give away.

  • Gorgeous! I also love her ‘lola purple’ clutch. She has so interesting pieces. Thanks for featuring her!

  • Marsha Basler said...

    [email protected]

    Handmade products are worth the time and effort. Thank you for promoting good craftsmanship.

  • Monica said...

    You had me at champagne silk clutch :)

  • omg! such an amazing giveaway! I adore this clutch! it goes perfectly with most of my clothes! wish me luck! xo

  • So timelessly gorgeous. Just lovely.

  • Ah, this is soo pretty! I would love to have it. Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  • Gorgeous, just lovely.

  • pretty little thing

  • Beautiful clutch!

  • Wow! Just beautiful!

  • Oh my goodness! First time to her site and I am in love with it all! So chic, elegant and glam!! Love that clutch!

  • Gorgeous. I know exactly what to wear it with.

  • Love, love, love. Would definitely have to display handbag somewhere prominent, could probably design a room around one of her bags – so many gorgeous details!

  • so feminine and lovely, love it!

  • I’d be beyond excited to own one of these lovelies! I have a 15 month old baby, so I’ve been carrying around a diaper bag or HUGE tote bag for over a year now. I’m finally at a point where I can transition to something smaller and chicer and one of Emma’s clutches would be perfect. I love the Coco Pink clutch, but this Champagne Georgia is my absolute fave!


  • Thanks for showing us these amazing bags…stunning!

  • hand-made?!?!?!
    all I can say is that this clutch is absolutely stunning, to die for!!!

  • Gorgeous clutch! I’m completely smitten.

  • Love love love it

  • wow. how stunning are all her bags. truly beautiful.
    Dreaming of a day i can purchase on of those lovelys.

  • So lovely…
    I really like that many of Emma’s designs include the very feminine satin flowers. So girly and yet so sophisticated.

  • Lucky me all countries can enter! :) I absolutely love all of Emma’s handmade clutches, but the champagne is just perfect, as it goes with practically everything!

  • It is gorgeous, just what I have been searching for.

    Leeann x

  • It’s beautiful.

  • woah you have an air of elegance in your art

  • Sofie ([email protected])

    I think her bags are very unique, haven’t seen anything like this before! Very nice!

  • So gorgeous,love it!

  • i love her lace pieces, they’re all really gorgeous!


  • Wow, I can’t get over the Anais Lime Clutch Bag :O the color combination blows my mind!

  • these are all fabulous! I want them all! Fabulous!

  • Ohhhh that clutch is heavenly. THANK YOU for drawing my attention to her etsy shop. My eyes are glue to those bags and I dearly hope I win this one.

  • Gorge!

  • It’s very nice to know that someone is still hand-making something with lots of love!

    Thanks for the giveaway. <3

  • The color is simply gorgeous!

  • I would be tempted to hang it on the wall. Gorgeous. Cheers!

  • What a stunning and glamourous piece of art to carry! Love that you promote Etsy, it is the best!

  • Beautiful, stunning. Amazing that its handmade!

  • So luxe. Love it. What beautiful finds at her site as well – having one of her clutches in hand would make any outfit elegant. (Although if you paired it with one of those Lagerfeld creations you posted the other day… perfection.)

  • Oh heavenly, decadent, romantic, luxurious. Such talent Emma has. Carrying this little treasure around makes a girl feel elegant and special. Particularly in vintage rose! I would carry this to the ballet! I can just see it lying next to a glass of golden champagne at the dinner after ^_^.

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