{inspiration: jewel tones}


. . . falling, falling for autumn‘s deep and rich jewel tones

{images: 1 – The Complete Book of the Home via brabourne farm; numéro tokyo october 2009 via lace & tea; 3 + 5 – toast; 4 – amanda seyfried via dirty little secret; photography by gemma comas for domino magazine december/january 2009; 6 – desire to inspire}

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  • FXOX said...

    R – you are way too cute – dont worry – I understand on the 3 posts on Friday – for me too, somethings just could not wait until Monday too:-)


  • Sarah – thank you! Your ideas for Fall sound lovely, especially the magenta velvet blanket

    Felicity! Lovely to hear from you, and yes, had made the questionable decision to publish 3 posts on Friday, when most had signed off for the weekend and so a few lovely things got buried under the “happy weekend” post, including this one, which is a shame, as normally do not prefer deep reds and blues and yet, am drawn in when looking at these images . . Thanks so much for adding to the comment appreciation – you’re lovely xoxo

    Tanya – thanks so much – always wonderful when a collection of images work together beautifully . . .

    Hope everyone is having a great week,

  • you always find the most amazing images that go so perfectly together!

  • FXOX said...

    This Jewell colours post is beautiful and way deserves more that 12 comments – so I’ll make it 13 :-)


  • Such beautiful colors…

  • The red dress is truly breathtaking…

  • I adore the jewel-tones of fall!! You picked great pictures to display everything that can be done with them!
    And I love the bluish/gray sheets(image #5)they look so cozy!!

  • these colors are gorgeous. what a beautiful collection of images!

    happy monday!


  • wow! that red is awesome and that bed makes me want to curl right up into it!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  • This is such a warm and beautiful post!

    When Fall arrives each year, I find that I’m quite drawn to jewel toned accessories. This post is perfect inspiration — I’m thinking some beautiful, richly colored flowers, bringing out my magenta velvet blanket (same color as the magenta pillow in your pic) and my favorite, modern, copper vase.



  • I love the richness of the Red, and that dress is very lovely.

    Enjoy your weekend


  • There was an article on jewel tones in an old issue of Domino I came across recently. I guess its just one of those things that will never go out of style.

    I especially have an affinity for purple velour.



  • Autumn colors are by far my favorites; in the forest, fields, markets, and on people. I love the deep reds, burnt oranges, burgundies and saturated violets best. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • love the rich and vibrant colours


  • beautiful collection of photos. love all of them. colours are just perfect…

  • I’m absolutely in love with fall jewel tones. Frankly, I look awful in those spring/summer colors. Jewel tones are my thing. So rich… And I so love that blue dress!

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