{two lovely things: office inspiration}


. . . love in a gilded frame + vintage orange

{images: 1 – elsk dit hjem by ranvita la cour via decor8; 2 – candystore collective}

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  • the first picture would make such a cool and feature wall in anybody’s lucky office. it would just releases the mid day stress!

  • Very lovely blog!

  • I love the first one, it’s such a good idea!

  • I love that typewriter, my boyfriends dream is to own one, and Ive been trying to find one I can afford for the longest time!

  • You always find the coolest stuff!

  • love the typewriter!


  • LOVE this!

  • love the old typewriter. i was walking past a street sale (they had no garage) and there was a vintage blue for 5$. i bought it. it sits in my living room, gathering dust, but it’s so cool and i keep dreaming that someday i’ll find red ribbon and be able to write love notes and leave them in people’s windsheilds so when they get up to go to work in the morning they have a small surprise.

  • I love your blog I always find something beautiful to inspire me…

  • Oh, how I love that first image!

  • Love these! I was recently staying at the W Hotel in Seattle, and in amongst their ultra-modern decor in the lounge, sat an old, old machine, similar to this orange one! Such a wonderful and surprising contrast — my favorite.

    Also, I am so thrilled that I was able to change the LinkWithin title widget on my blog :)

  • Love the top picture, and would be a great thing to look at every day.

    Enjoy your week

  • Love that top pic. The frame in the middle of the collage just demands attention.

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