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Have been interested in the intersection between fashion + interiors for as long as can remember, mixing beautiful fashion editorials and the latest runway collections with equally beautiful rooms – for me, the two have always been perfectly intertwined . . .

* adore with the mirrored night table {above}
* domino’s final “can this outfit be turned in to a room” match-up for old time’s sake:

{images: 1 – vogue; 2 – domino via pink wallpaper; 3 – portrait by deborah jaffe, interior by annie schlechter, final issue of domino march 2009, photo-editing by this is glamorous}

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  • Jessica said...

    Where can I find a leather chair like that?? It is gorgeous!!!

  • I completely agree!

  • Fantastic idea. Really like how you have coordinated both of these images. Look forward to seeing more of these posts.

  • Oh yes, I always loved the Domino special of “can this outfit be turned into a room?”. I’ve often thought that Lucky should have done the reverse with “can this room be turned into an outfit?”. Lately when I’ve been receiving my interiors magazines, I’ve been creating outfits inspired by them. Great post!


  • Love the juxaposition between the Interior Design and Fashion Design.
    Lovely post.


  • Oh, lovely. I absolutely adore that top dress. I actually have that pic saved from the magazine! And that mirrored dresser is more than amazing.

  • I’ve never think about the relation betewen the dressing and the decoration. Nice idea!

  • never thought of fashion and interiors together but it makes perfect sense. .. i love how you matched their outfits with the corresponding rooms

  • I miss Domino too! That was my favorite column they featured.

  • This is one of my favorite intersections too — I’m always saving beautiful fashion photos as room inspirations. I love the first one!

  • lovely, lovely outfit to rooms! both of them! I cannot decide!

  • The second photo is gorgeous. Love the chair! x

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