{seashell chandeliers}


Forever drawn to the intoxicating lure of the ocean — the salty air, the rise and fall of crashing waves, seaglass, scallop shells and starfish, and these intricately beautiful grotto shell chandeliers that have such a magical, underwater allure . . .

{images: 1 – Costal Living via follow studio; 2 – Metropolitan Home; 3 – shelter}

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  • Wonderful pics – such amazing chandeliers / it’s nice to see something different and oh-so beautiful :) I will add these to my favorite images~

  • Absolutely love those chandeliers! The whole room looks gorgeous.

  • I really love the first and last table escape. They are both very elegant and are perfect for the beach! Love the blue tones in the last image. Great post!

  • The top photo has me longing for the beach-My goal before the summer is over! Thanks for the post.


  • wow, the first picture looks like a room from a 5-star beach hotel.. Would be great to have a fancy summer brunch there! Gorgeous!

  • Sit me under the chandelier and within the beauty of that top photo and I can die a happy girl. hee. Okay, okay, so I do already live at the beach, but it sure doesn’t look like that, and I certainly don’t have that gorgeous chandelier! yet! =)
    xo Isa

  • Very beautiful and original chandeliers!

  • I love my sea shell chandelier in my dining room.
    It fits our little beach cottage perfectly.
    These images are beautiful.
    Love the third one. Such a sunny place to eat.


  • They are beautiful… I think being reminded of the ocean everyday would be marvelous!

  • I love the view on the first photo! lovely!

  • Oh my, they would be perfect if I had a home by the sea. I always have had a fascination with chandeliers

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  • OMG I really NEED to have one of these. I mean REALLY REALLY need one! So pretty!!

  • i’m not sure i would actually want to own one of those in my house, but they are pretty neat!

  • I think it’s the second one that does it for me. the chandelier is such a stand-out piece, so I love the simple spare furniture that shares the space.

    but i think i would love any image that includes that little chair!

  • oh my! i’ll the view in the top photo, chandelier or not!

  • These are so much more elegant than I would have expected! I love the last one.

  • that bottom one has been in my inspiration files for a while… but the second one has stolen my heart! i love good juxtaposition, and the way it contrasts with the modern lines is perfection!! lovely find!

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