{coffee + thoughts on twitter}


No time for a pretty updo or lovely chignon this morning . . . definitely a top-knot and trench on the way out the door kind of day — and coffee — many, many cups of coffee . . .

{hope you had a beautiful weekend!}

{p.s.} what do you think about twitter? still trying to figure out what to use it for . . .

{images: stylesightings via ruby press}

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  • twitter seems like a great way to promote a website and give updates. atleast that’s what i would use it for. i don’t have an account…yet.

  • i love these up-do’s. they look like nests.


  • I haven’t used twitter yet, I’m not so sure how I feel about it yet? By the way, this is FABULOUS hair!!! Fierce!

  • I think those are charming!

  • I love high buns, I just have never gone out of the house with one.

    I have to say twitter has really grown on me, I must update a couple times a day. But I don’t go overboard. Like to see people’s status updates when they are actually about things that are interesting, not like “blinking” “breathing” etc

  • I can’t stand twitter. It is like Big Brother but they fooled people into doing it willingly themselves! I don’t need to validate everything I do by having other people read it in real time.

  • not quite sure, but I post what doesn’t exactly make the blog and people read it?


  • I use it in order to follow few celebs, it’s funny!

  • I LOVE Twitter! I joined up well before I had any idea what it was about, but essentially you’ll find it worthwhile if…

    -You follow people you like and admire (not just celebs! I follow most of my blog crushes, yourself included!)

    -You follow people who actually provide useful information, links, thoughtful commentary, not just endless updates on their eating habits etc

    -If YOU actually provide useful info, links etc, a lot of great people will find you! (I share a lot of snippets that I find throughout the day that aren’t necessarily something I’d blog about, but I still find interesting nonetheless)

    -And especially if you make use of the @Replies, DM and search functions. You can talk to so many great people who share your interests, no matter how random your interests may be!

    In short, Twitter is great if used properly. Twitter used to just answer ‘What are you doing’…not so much.

  • My mom has always had an uncanny ability of twirling her hair up into a bun using only one bobby pin. Hence my enduring fascination with the hairstyle! It’s such a soft and sweet look.

  • It’s pictures like these that make me want to grow out my hair (it’s a pixie cut right now).

    As for Twitter, I find it’s too impersonal – having access to people’s every thought alienates you. Or sometimes too personal – some thoughts are better kept for yourself.

  • no time to twitter….

  • No time…no time…

  • ohh i love that first photo! beautiful!

    on tiwtter… im not a huge fan.. seems a little impersonal to me?


  • I love twitter for posting about events, blog posts, new pics on flickr or even new things in my online shop!

    Here is also a helpful post on how to use twitter and getting people to click on your links

    P.S Lovin’ your gorgeous blog!

  • Angela Henrie – not necessarily and only if you want to :)

    Global – so glad to hear it – was thinking it might be too much, but happy you’re finding the links useful

    Moonspinner – thank you!

    Kat – thanks for the great comment – this blog does have a twitter account:


    Happy Monday, everyone!

    Thanks for sharing your opinions – have been feeling the same as many of you, with barely any time to update two blogs, three facebook sites, along with the many other things – offline — that fill a day . . . Currently using Twitterfeed to post links for new blog posts, with a quick link or comment here and there, but will hopefully find time to try using it more . . .

    Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

  • You’ll soon discover I’m a major twitter user. Happy to see you on board! And yes, it was a top knot & trench day. Glad I not the only one!

  • It took me a while to get Twitter, as did not really see the point! However now after a few weeks, I am completely addicted to it. Love the up dos by the way.

  • I like it when people use twitter to share information or interesting site links. I do not like twitter when people use it to detail every single second of their lives, it completely loses my interest when my entire feed of information contains a minute by minute documentation of co-workers lives.

    If this blog was to use twitter to share info, links and pictures (via twitpics) – I would definitely follow your feed b/c I love the imagery that you find. It’s a lovely little escape for me during busy days.

  • I took myself off facebook much to the dismay of my…..MOTHER! but it had to be done. So I think I’m anti-twitter. txting is my form of communication because then I can let only the people I care about know what I’m doing. and definite YES on the coffee..

  • Gorgeous
    No time to do the twitter thing. Seems like a million voices inside my head…which I already have after having kids….

  • just discovered you! Very nice!!

  • Ooh! So so gorgeous! Wish I could pull off those looks!

  • I agree. Who has the time? Not to mention, doesn’t anyone like to be alone in their thoughts anymore?

  • I just signed up for twitter this weekend, and thus far it is amusing. I treat it like passing notes in class, quick little chatty messages about those errant thoughts that cross your mind now and again. I pretty much only follow people I know, and mostly they do the same or share finds they’ve discovered.

    I am only on day three, so we’ll see how long my Twittering lasts.

    Lovely updos, effortlessly chic. Or at least, they look that way.

  • I don’t get it. Twitter. Who has the time? And why?

    I guess I’m not much help :)

  • It is great to get Tweets that link to your blog so that during the day I can check out your lovely posts for a refreshing break from “work world!”

  • Twitter, I so don’t get it. Should we be using it? Because all I really have time for is updating my blog.

  • i have a twitter account. i dont use it to post my updates but i do like using it to follow what celebs are currently saying.

  • I just signed up, because of friends inviting me. I still haven’t really used it, partly because I already spend so much time on too many other things.

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