{perfectly lovely}


{a perfectly lovely way to spend an afternoon}

Nearly Valentine’s Day and feeling a little romantic, despite the crazy busy week resulting in terribly sporadic posts — hopefully things will be more calm soon, and there’s always lovely, languid weekends to look forward to . . .

* thanks to those of you who left comments about blog awards — still catching up . . .
* thank you to Kelsey at above the fray for such a lovely mention of the
side project
* and of course, thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

{images: Marion Cotillard via tumblr; nectar and light }

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  • Léna said...

    Guillaume Canet and not Guillaume Cantet, who is an awesome actor by the way…
    Im not sure they’re going out together… in fact but they should !! They are lovely together…
    Léna from Paris
    (+++ Love your inspiration +++)

  • title matches perfect to the pictures.

  • Aaah Guillaume Canet – yummy!

  • Awe, that first photo is so cute!

  • Héhé like the french touch!

  • Such a beautiful and romantic post! Very fitting for this weekend :)

  • I love Marion and her boy. Beautiful pic.

  • cute images!

  • the bike photo is so great, i want to go outside right now! :)

  • Nikki — you’re lovely :)

    Julia — thank you so much for the relaxing weekend well-wishes — in desperate need of some perfect leisure time!

    anotherstar — thank you — knew it was Marion, but didn’t know about her boyfriend — no wonder she looks so happy!

  • this is marion cotillard with his boyfriend guillaume cantet, the french actor takin’ a ride on the wild side.

  • That first image is so playful! I’m hoping that you have a long relaxing weekend ahead of you. Providing you with heaps of time to chill out and catch up :)

  • Beautiful images as always! makes me want to take a walk in the park this evening with my honey :-)

  • Marion is the perfect example of loveliness. Everything about her is natural/feminine/confident/lovely.

    And that flower is now my desktop. Thanks!

  • Ooh, so beautiful! I’m feeling kind of romantic too… I’d be the happiest woman in the world if I only received those flowers for Valentine’s day!

  • Good Morning!….What would the day be like without stopping by & enjoying all your exquistie photos!…..Beautiful!….Heidi XO

  • I love the dress! Gorgeous.
    Glad your so happy about valentines day–it can be annoying for us of single nature, but I’m happy you have someone to share it with.

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