{of new & far-off places}


Have always been fond of suitcases for all the memories of adventures of new and far-off places . . . here, a vintage suitcase at the foot of the bed adds a worldly feeling of well-travelled nostalgia . . .

. . . while a stack of plywood cases, {similar to the handmade birch ones featured earlier}, make perfect places for storing foreign currencies, city guides, and memories.

{images: 1 – photography by rachel whiting; 2 – flickr}

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  • OMG the plywood suitcases!

  • I wouldn’t have even thought of that idea with the suitcases but you’re right. It does add a little more depth to the room.

  • Love those plywood cases – think there is something similar at the Conran Shop

  • Love the first picture, love old suitcases, love the vintage character…- very cute post!

  • i’ve gotten lucky finding vintage cases/bags from goodwill. love the first photo.

  • How relaxing – makes me want to vacation!

  • I’ve been on the hunt for some fabulous, vintage suitcases. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • i have far too many vintage suitcases…now if only they matched or at least matched my color scheme so i can put them out, i have a great matching grey set of a suitcase and train case but they are holding sheets in my closet, and another bright bright pink one holding warm clothes. cute ways to store things!


  • I feel travel nostalgia too! These sets of old suitcases are lovely. Mismatched ones would look great too. :)

  • Joanna — so beautifully said, and couldn’t agree more :)

    Elvia — thanks so much! Traveling, yes, but not until the summer, unfortunately.

    Jessica — certain the months will fly by and you’ll be leaving in no time . . .

  • makes me wish I was leaving tomorrow on my trip..only two months…these are beautiful.

  • love the second set!

  • lovely!

    my fave suitcases are the louis vuitton ones. not b/c it is vuitton but because of the history and design of the suitcases!!

    so are you traveling anywhere? ;)

    also, j’adore votre blog!
    your blog is inspirational and i’ve been a fan of it for quite a while.

  • Love, love the mood that top photo creates, and those suitcases!

  • and so terrif for small apartments (or bungalows, as the case may be) lacking in storage!

  • the room looks so calming!

  • these are so wonderful. packing a suitcase before a trip is one of life’s greatest pleasures. xo

  • the room looks so quiet and serene. lovely.

  • what fantastic plywood cases! perfect little storage spaces.

  • Beautiful room!

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