{gifts for the kitchen}

{silver-plated coffee, tea and sugar canisters for your favourite Parisian cousin’s ex-girlfriend, who just may be the coolest girl ever, and whose quintessential French-ness gives her impeccable taste}

{organic Christmas pudding for your British boyfriend’s lovely British mother who has never made it an issue that you do not know how to cook, tries to fatten you up with decadent cakes and other delicious desserts, and has always treated you as part of the family}

{hand-made multi-coloured sugar tablets for your favourite friends, because even skinny girls in skinny jeans can’t resist breaking off pretty pieces of pastel sugar tablets in their morning lattés}

{organic fairtrade chocolate for your hairstylist who looks like David Beckham, refuses to give you bangs, and since you always leave the salon feeling like the most beautiful girl around, who are you to argue?}

{hand-stencilled tea towels for your elegant grandmother in the south of France who loves to bring out all the old photo albums of when you were five, has beautiful table manners and loves anything that’s monogrammed}

{more fantastic gift ideas:}
* boyfriend
* fashionista friend
* best friend
* mother