{a blue christmas}


Having such fun sifting through boxes of Christmas ornaments and sentimental things . . .

{Do you go all-out with holiday decorating, and if yes, how soon do you begin?}

{images: 1 – photography by lisa cohen; 2 – current j.crew catalogue, cropping & photo-editing by tig; 3- country homes via flickr}

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  • What dreamy images! If my daughter had her way we would have started decorating on October 1st. We held her off until the day after Thanksgiving. By Christmas, the entire house will be transformed…

  • I can’t say I “go all out” with the decorating but I do decorate the internal space of my home. When I was young, we used to decorate on Christmas Eve but now that everyone is older, I may decorate the house a week or so earlier.

  • LOVELY turquoise color theme here…I already bought my X’mas Ornaments and gifts…now i am thinking about wrapping paper and wanting to go a more green-EARTH FRIENDLY route.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

  • What a cute doggie in the last picture! And he goes with the color scheme. I love it.

  • Lovely!

  • I absolutely love the last photo with the white and turquoise!

  • the blue and white is beautiful… it’s actually a lot like the color palette in my apartment! i love it.

    still working on decorating for the holidays… where does all the free time go?

  • Anonymous said...

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  • I LOVE this blue and white theme, so pretty, so uncluttered. This year I am not doing much, we have a wreath, it smells good….

  • These photos are beautiful! We are getting our tree tomorrow and will hang up lights outside. I’ve never done that before!

  • I love the photo with the dog and the pretty white tree – gorgeous!

  • These are sooooo glamorous. I love them all, thanks for the ongoing heavenly photos. Carla

  • i am IN LOVE with that j. crew photo!!!

  • gorgeous photos, the first one is so dreamy & i love that stunning room!

  • Love the last photo! What a cute dog!

  • the first photo was gorgeous !!!

  • Hey my BFF…sorry I have been so absent…we’ve been out of town this week. Just wanted to pop in and say how lovely your blog is looking! Good to hear you are decorating already for the holidays!! I’ve only done a couple of little projects with the kids. Can’t decide if I will do any more due to the move!


  • This is really the first year that I have truly been this into decorating for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to get home from TGiving vacation to break out the tree and trimmings.

    I love the colors in that last image…beautiful!

  • I like to start decorating for Christmas first week of December so its after Thanksgiving but you still have a whole month to enjoy it. Lovely winter photos!

  • Pretty pictures! My house won’t have even one Christmas decoration – I’m going to Mom’s and she’s already done. Her house feels like Christmas to me. :)

  • turquoise and blue xmas looks utterly appropriate for me since it will be a stinking hot summer..

  • beautiful images as always…we’re actually late this year – we tend to put our decorations and tree up on the 1st December but hope to do it this weekend…i always love silver and blues teamed with white for our decoration colours!

  • at times I do go all out…no matter do or don’t I always say I will start on Thanksgiving weekend and never really do. :-(

  • No way, just a nice tree!

  • I love those cake stands.

    We have a purple Christmas every year. My favorite! We start the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Love the top image.. just started decorating the tree tonight.. every year I take out the decorations I want to change it up.. I suppose that is normal.. there is of course some decorations I am always very happy to see!

  • I love all the glassware in the picture. My passion, old glass

  • My mom goes nuts at Christmas-time. She brings out the decorations on 1 December and there is literally not a room or a surface that is not red, green or twinkly. I love it. :)

  • isoceles said...

    love all the sparkly cake plates and domes…

  • A christmas in that canoe, in that place… beautiful!

  • Perfect images! The canoe image is so lovely!!

  • lovely pics, as always..
    that chandelier is my DREAM though.

  • for some reason, I am loving white Christmas trees!

  • love the pics!!!

  • LOVE the blue christmas! Gorgeous!!!

  • i love that last photo, that dog would be so cuddly to snuggle up to! and my family is pretty adamant about holiday decorating. we usually start the weekend after thanksgiving-this year we’ve already decorated the mantle with our nutcracker collection and hung up gold and red lights outside :)

  • Love these pictures. Day after Thanksgiving I was decorating and that weekend we got our tree. My husband actually thinks our living room looks better with the tree so he wants to keep it year round. ;-) haha

  • These photos are so glamorous and so chic! I really adore that last image; it looks so warm and inviting! I really enjoy the different use of colors!

  • le sigh* it’s so good

  • I love your blog, your images are amazing!

  • Icy Christmas Blue. Wonderful.

    I do go all out for Christmas. Everything appears the weekend after Thanksgiving and disappears on New Years Day.

  • First weekend in December my tree goes up. . . it adds another layer of lighting to the room, us designers gotta have it! Lovely post!

  • i’m with paula–right there in the canoe next to heres…these are such romantic holiday pictures…i am..inspired…

  • i want to be the girl in the canoe, just add my hubby. the weekend after thanksgiving it all goes up. we keep it simple but fun for the kiddos.

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