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If you have not had a chance to check out Simple Lovely‘s wonderful series, Blogger’s Favorites, you must. And despite my list being terribly late, Joslyn still managed to post it before the weekend, complete with a lovely introduction . . .

{click here for a few of my favourite things}

{images: top – Ballet II by Alcholado on deviantART; bottom – desire to inspire}

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  • Cute list. I love the simple graphics that went with some of your faves. Cool stuff and thanks, I found another blog to add to my blogroll. I love finding good blogs.

  • i love milk glass! my grandmother had a large collection of it, which got passed down to me…and now i’m adding to it :) love your blog, btw…so glad i stumbled upon it!

  • love the first picture- so soft!

  • The milk glass is always so pretty – I remember my grandma used to have tonnes of it and when she moved she threw it all out thinking none of us would want it! Big mistake Grandma…!

  • Your pictures are just such a treat for the eyes – can’t get over them!

  • I love the milk glass. So simple and yet so pretty and chic!

  • Hello everyone! Thanks so much for checking out my list and for taking a moment to say hello.

    Hope you’re having a fantastic week so far.


  • these are really lovely (as with everything I see here really). :)

  • That milk glass melts my heart:)

  • I just love your most favorite thing of all…being in love. Aren’t we all in love with being in love.

    And the milk glasses are so lovely:)

  • your favourites, are mine too!!!

  • I love milk glass! If I had the room, I would devote an entire shelf in the kitchen to my collection!

  • Something I cannot live without, ballet is one of my favorite things too. I think I would go insane if I couldn’t dance every week!
    Such a lovely list of favorites. =)

  • I absolutely adore your favorite thinks list. The ballet pic is SO beautiful! ;)

  • The first image is gorgeous!

  • Pretty milk glass!

  • LOVE the dishes – ohh my!!!

  • Aww, I love your list of favorites! I will definitely have to agree with all of them – especially ballet, champagne, morning coffee, and being in love (the last, my most favorite).

  • Julia — so glad you found my list at Simple Lovely’s — it was such fun to write, although now that it’s been published, keep thinking of more things I might have included, such as summertime, Paris, creme brulee . . . {Was much more difficult to narrow down all the things I’m fond of than first imagined.}

    Thank you for always taking the time to leave such lovely comments.


  • I did a double take because I was checking out Simply Lovely’s blog at the same time as yours (thanks to the wonders of Firefox tabs!) You have such amazingly beautiful favorites, thank you for sharing.

    I’m particularly partial to your plaids and tartans!

  • Love those tights in the first picture.

  • I adore that first image. The light in the image is absolutely beautiful. So breathtaking and inspiring!

  • I love milk glass! I don’t know it is about it, but it is absolutely my favorite. I can leave a thrift shop empty handed. I have numerous pieces in my collection and I’m so excited to be finally getting my new china cabinet where everything will reside. Great pick!

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