{a new week + sequins}


Have always liked the way sequins glimmer when they catch the light and the sense of playful luxe they evoke . . .

Beautiful, show-stopping pieces bring Fall’s casual looks to a rich, sophisticated level by adding pure glamour to layered knits and turning laid-back looks into timeless, cosmopolitan style.

{photography by M. Holden}

{my shoes, photographed by p.}

{vintage 70s black sequin slouch crop top from persephone vintage via living in andyland}

{Muse #13 June 2008 : Coco Rocha by Horst Diekgerdes}

{images; 1+4 – Harper’s Bazaar, November 2008, photography by Alexei hay via i know what you wore last summer; 6+ 7 – photography by C. Meyer}

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  • Yeah this one was great and relevant post and it was worth to read. Expecting more and more good work from you as well.

  • ooo…i love the last two dresses and the high heel shoes. i am not the biggest fan of sequin but thoses pieces are hot.

  • I want to buy the last dress! I saw it and said awww I want it!!!

  • Jodie said...

    Oh my goodness, I must have those shoes! Who are they by?

  • These make me happy. Especially the shoes, of course!

  • This post is soooo pretty. Love the picture ( :

  • oh wow the second last dress looks exactly like my year 10 formal dress…that was 1986!! ha!
    bling bling!

  • Felicity — thank you :) Will pass the message on to P, who will be terribly flattered :)


  • That’s very retro and fun!

  • Oh my.. I’m such a sucker for shiny things. I love that bolero thing.

  • G, P’s photo is fabulous love the way teh light has caught the sequins. Pls tell him I said – great shot:-).

    And the shoes -? Id expect nothing less than those ++inch heels on you.

    Looking forward to seeing more of bits and pieces of your wardrobe when P gets the camera out again :-)

    Take care and smiles


  • I LOVE how they look i the sun!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

  • Anonymous a.k.a. Athena – thanks so much for coming out to hiding to say hello, and in such a lovely, lovely way. Great to hear from you.

  • Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely comments, and the great ones about my shoes :)

    MJ – not surprising at all, and couldn’t agree more :)

    Trixy Tran – thanks so much

    Relyn – Your far too kind, and P. would be so pleased :)

  • It’s amazing how subtle some sequins can be, they can add so much to an outfit, even just the sequined head scarf.

  • That headband is just amazing. I love how special sequins can make an outfit look.

  • Anonymous said...

    wow… – those shoes ROCK. Love the items in pic 4 and 5, too.

  • Miss Ookpik said...

    I really like how you found some photos that “casualized” sequins. You’ve shown a lot of ways I never would have considered wearing sequins. Thanks!

  • j’adore sequins, especially during the day. there’s an unexpected glamour in using it when people expect it the least. =)

  • LOVE sequins, wonderful post you made out of it too!!!

  • Dying over your shoes! The photo belongs in a magazine spread.

  • I completely adore this post. AND YOUR BLOG!

  • Love the sparkling shoes!!!


    What girl doesn’t want a pair of sparkling shoes?


  • This might sound surprising, but nothing gives off a sexier femme feel than sequins. Sequins and diamonds.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous! I adore sequins! Just adore them.

  • Wow! I love this collection of photos!!! I love how the light reflects off the glitter in some of these photos…great, great, great posts

  • I must know what those shoes are!!

  • I love this post, I’m like a magpie too – drawn to anything shiny and sparkly! :)

  • I had been hoping sequins would reappear!

  • LOVE those shoes!!

  • sequins are the most glorious wonderful embellishment in the world. i even think they might be better than feathers, which is another favourite of mine. they are just so happy, and pretty and lovely.
    and ‘playful luxe’ is a great phrase. sums up sequins perfectly.

    your pictures are great, as always, and you’re right, a little bit of sequins goes a long way!


  • Just can’t get enough of shoes right now so the photo of the shoes is my favorite. Just posted about new marc shoes and I can’t decide which to buy first..

  • Such a great post! That first jacket is to die for and I love that you have some vintage mixed in. Plus that last dress is gorgeous.

  • wow
    amazing stuff
    i love it

  • Anonymous said...

    Can I just say I love your blog?
    I’ve been reading it daily for a few months now
    and I’m just addicted.
    Thought you should know =]

    Plus I love this post.

    Take care,

  • Love these – the light reflection is amazing!

  • I love all of these photos.

  • Simply glamorous!

  • beautiful beautiful beautiful…

  • Love this post!! And the shoes :)

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