{lost in a good book}

The coffee table is currently buried under pile upon pile of fashion and design hardcover books and magazines, and rather than stow them away on shelves or in armoires, I rather like the idea of neat and colourful stacks tucked in a well-lit corner alongside art and elegant hatboxes, as in Hervé Pierre’s Manhatten apartment, which is described as a combination of “fun, frenchness and fashion history” . . .

{Sounds just about perfect.}

For those who prefer a more neutral palette, classic built-ins in warm tones and books shelved with their ends facing outward create a softer, more unified space.

{more great storage and display ideas:}
> a pretty endtable magazine rack
> stacks of magazines for a desk
> stacks of magazines for a bench

{images: 1 – House & Garden, November 2002, photography by James Waddell; 2 – apartment living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, photography by Winfried Heinze}