{reader’s decorating dilemma}

Received a lovely letter from reader Nicole, requesting design advice for redecorating her bedroom, and as there are so many creative and talented bloggers who stop in for a visit everyday, thought it might be fun to hear what advice, recommendations, opinions and links we can dream up:

My name’s Nicole, I’m 16 years old, and recently have gotten a room to myself, as my sister has moved out! I’m 16 but I have a bit of an older style when it comes to interior, so I’m not into the whole “teen room” thing. Of course, that doesn’t mean I wanna dress and live in a room like a grandma! I love interior design and fashion design and photography, and just love designing and re-arranging my friend’s rooms and rooms around my house.

However, I have a small problem, my love for interior design has become my downfall. There are so many things I want to experiment with, so many things I love, I just have no idea how to do my room. Do you have any ideas or advice?

Here are some of the things I love: Lace, the colour grey and blue grey, cream coloured things, books, cozy beds, and lamps that cast a pretty yellowey glow, I love fashion design, photography, art, and poetry. I especially love, love, love writing and literature. I love a nostalgic look, and I love the sophistication of French style but also the coziness of English style. I need a place that’s conducive to writing, but also something that will inspire me.

Some of my favourite looks are:
Bistro/Cafe type tables and chairs

Globes, Book shelves and Cases,
this vase is just beautiful (from your site of course).

I just feel like I like all these things but can’t see them coming together as one room!! A couple things you should know, I have a slanted gambrel ceiling so it’s difficult for me to hang large artwork (grr), and I have an unstained wood floor. Depending on what colours I (or you advise me to) choose, I might stain it darker. My room is really big though, and has a stair case going down I could do something pretty with I think. Despite the fact that I’d love one, money wise I can’t afford a chandelier, but I love pretty lighting and all things antique looking.

Your help would be appreciated so much!! I just love interior design, but because it’s my own room I just can’t seem to do anything with it! (And the walls right now are bright yellow and hot pink *bleugh*)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this,

{images: 1 – Theo Fennell; 2-4 – follow studio; 3+5 – gentl & hyers via mila; 6 – unknown but still searching . . .}