{playing footsies}


Although a little sad to see the end of little toes peeping through pretty sandals, Fall’s socked feet are completely charming . . .

{images: top – Wool Thigh-Highs and Lulu Metallic-Leather Peep Toe Heels by J.Crew, design and layout by Creature Comforts; bottom – via sfgirlbybay}

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  • such a cute way to freshen up some peep toes…

  • very nice shots!!

  • love it; esp. the grey ones in the first photo.
    sock shopping is always fun.

  • YES PLEASE :) I adore those argyle socks with the heels :)


  • The end of little toes, It sounds just like a “mischievous-issime” apparition, an authentic “Fetish-Décolleté à part entière” full of a mesmerizing power of evocation . . . And Here in a “Girly CHIC-issime” way !!!

    A Bientôt, Antoine

  • decortherapia — thank you, and a warm hello to Buenos Aires!

    mrs. french — just checked, and they do have the heather graphite in stock :)

    anastiasiac — a little envious of your pedicure and flip flop season!

    hello gorgeous — haven’t seen the newspaper format, only received the regular catalogue, but it sounds like a nice change?

    *knew that amazing pink handbag wouldn’t go unnoticed :) Joni, sadly, I have no idea who designs the purse, as the image is a scan by sfgirlbybay . . .

    Laura — thanks so much for such a lovely, thoughtful comment :)

  • God. I just love your blog. Breath of fresh air every time I come here.

  • who’s purse is that? do you know?


  • Oh so adorable!

  • Oh thank you. Yes blogging is fun

  • just to say I loved the purple post!

  • So fun. I love tights. But, you know I am more of a fall girl than a summer girl so it only makes sense. I used to wear stuff like that but somehow now it seems wrong. Like I would be trying too hard to hold on to my hipness but really I would just look silly.

    Love it though!

    Happy weekend. xo

  • love. love.

  • okey! that bag is AMAZING. but i don’t really like pink. hmm..

  • Really sweet. I love those – am much too old to pull them off myself, but love them on those who can.

    I just received a new J. Crew “newspaper” but haven’t looked at it yet – did you see it? In newsprint, newspaper format, 4-color, rather than catalog.

    Didn’t know if it was replacing the catalog or just a one-time thing.

  • I love these. I am much too old to wear such a thing but love it on those who can.

    Were these in the new J. Crew newspaper? Did you see that? On newsprint, in newspaper form, 4-color, instead of catalog format.

    Cheaper to print, I guess? I don’t know if they’ve replaced the catalog or not.

  • Cute…and kinda charming.

  • i love opaque tights during winter but we’re getting ready for Summer so its lots of moisturiser, pedicures and flip flops for us here in Australia!

  • I am so sad they sold out of the gray…love these photos.

  • Not sure I’d be willing to wear heels with socks, but that does make a nice photo shoot (I love the color scheme in both pics). But the skirt with the bag — that I’d do!

  • Love your blog! Greetings from Buenos Aires!

  • I agree…I don’t think I could ever pull off that look. But it’s fun to admire on somebody else!

  • I would love to wear socks like that…something tells me i would not be able to pull off that “sexy” look though…dreaming on:)

  • Oh I so agree – now I need the courage to wear them!

  • Ooh… I love this post.

    Because I only wear heels with socks? I can’t help it, I love the look that much! But my style is weird so…


  • I have to say, buying new tights and socks is one of my favorite things about the change of season. These are wonderful!

  • I NEED that purse! The shoes are cute but the purse? I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!

  • Oh I secretly wish I could wear socks (particularly argyles) w/my peep toe pumps everyday. It’s so girlie and fun. It reminds me of playing dress-up.

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