{the last of the summer whites}


As balmy breezes turn crisp and longer days fall silently into dusk earlier each night, am longingly aware that soon the pretty summer dresses and opened-toed sandals will be set aside for long scarves and soft cardigans . . . {and here: the last of the summer whites}

{images: 2+6 – Vogue Living Australia; 3 – a.n. + follow studio; 4+7 – Marie Claire Maison; 5 – By e*airfuly+follow studio; 8 – model: Linda Evangelista – photographer: Steven Meisel – original image has been cropped and adapted for this post}

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  • as always on your side..lovely images..

  • Nice series! Love the lack of color.

  • Mrs. French, Jozette, Simplygrove, and Franki – there’s still time left :) A few more weeks of white flirty dresses and open-toed shoes, definitely!

    Diane – would love to see how your coffee table turns out!

    Littlebyrd – thank you! Wish I had more time for writing – have such fun with it.

    Heidi Ann – could you be any sweeter? So nice to be so appreciated!

    Dana – so glad you’re feeling better :)

    As always, thanks so much, everyone, for saying hello. Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

  • oh soft cardigans…
    love those chairs in the 2nd photo

  • That couch…this flowy dress…I love your whites!

  • Oh my. Oh my! I feel like I’ve been properly showered in white! Thank you!

  • such beautiful calming images…

  • Excellent posts. There’s nothing like white that allows you to exhale. And the gray series below is just sublime. As always, so many beautiful things here!

  • Just popping in for a last hello before I enter into a complete wedding frenzy!

    Can’t wait to return to my regular blog reading and visiting!

    Happy weekend,

  • So many lovely shades of white. Especially in the last photo!

  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it!

    Great post as usual!!!! I’m loving all the white :)

  • I’m so lovin’ all of these white images. Every image is truly beautiful.

  • love seeing lots of whites but difficult to apply in my own house it seems. you’d think just slapping white paint can’t be that hard as there’s white and colours but wrong…

    there are so many different whites and then matching ‘whitish’ colours. who would have thought white is just one colour… anyway.. just my ranting. I love seeing beautiful pictures in your blog as always. :)

  • I´m much better now, thanks!! You are really nice. These pics are beautiful!! I put you in my blog roll :)

  • It’s amazing how white and molding really go well together.

  • You make me want to cry…. the end of open toed sandals? :( I have but two seasons in footwear: open toe and boot. I relish that first day of thr year when all get to enjoy my pedicure… and it is always a bit sad to “pack away the toes” for winter.

    LOVELY images, though. You’ve made my day more rich just by offering those!

  • I am just trying to take in that last breath of “summer” and enjoy what is left of those warm weather moments!….Your “whites” so help me do that!….I could be blissfully happily in that first lovely space……Once again am leaving your site a bit more inspired than when I came!!!….So appreciate your post & you!…Heidi XO

  • Oh how I love summer whites!!!! Don’t leave us yet:(

  • Beautiful images!

  • I love love love it! I dream of having such a crisp and clean home, just like in the first pic. *sigh*

  • I love these gorgeous white pictures you’ve found but even more I love your description of late summer with the Fall coming.

  • I love, love, love white all year round too! I’m especially in love with image #4. My grandma used to have to dressoir table like that. I wonder where it may be?

  • sniffle. i’m not ready to let go of summer yet. but i do love fall.

  • I love summer whites year round. Beautiful post.

  • Just love the dining room table. It is inspiring me to bring out all my old glassware again!

  • So gorgeous! I just posted white dining rooms on my blog.

  • I have been trying to figure out what to do with my old coffee table that is so beautiful but the stain an the wood does not work with my new colors– now because of you I know — white — high gloss — it will be perfect

  • no, no stop! I am not ready yet. These images are so lovely….

  • oh, that couch on the third picture down looks so heavenly to me. Those gorgeous pillows! I’d love to sit on that.

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