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At eleven years of age, had the bedroom re-painted a perfect pink, and wore nothing else for two entire years.

Have since added more colours to my life {maybe not blue}, but have never given up my ultrafemme ways . . . whispery blouses, impossibly high heels, lip gloss, and ruffles . . .

{images: 1 – photography by andreas sjodin; 2 – domino; 3 – photography by todd cole; 4 – Maui_Designer on flickr; 5 – giveupthegoat on flickr; 6 – dankse on flickr; 7 – autumn de wilde for rodarte}

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  • i love these images! So beautiful!

  • oh can not decide which photo is my favorite……. why not all of them?!!
    absolutely loving these…..

  • Gorgeous shots!! Wow. ;) (I’m a pink girl too.)

  • Absolutely Unique — thank you! And thanks also for always taking the time out of your day to visit here :)

  • Vanessa — no trouble at all — thank you :)

    Franki — feel the same about blue and décor, and especially to wear . . . Will search for that perfect pink . . .

  • there is noting wrong with ultra high heels, fabulous lip gloss and feminine blouses…. if so, we’re both in trouble!

    interesting you mention blue… I was just reading someone else mention how easy it is to mix blue into decor. For me it would stand out like a sore thumb. Blue is so far removed from my home’s interior color palette.

    WOuld love to know about that perfect shade of pink for the walls!

  • these photos are fantastic. esp. the top one with the pink fan.

  • I want to live somewhere with butterflies on the ceiling someday.

  • sorry about not linking sooner, it is a really beautiful photo and im really glad you found it!!! have a happy day =)

  • beautiful photos! off to check out domino and Maui Designers photos! thanks!!!

  • i love the picture of all the ribbons

  • I like the lighting in the 2nd photo and those tall tall windows.

  • I think we need to share wardrobes because you just described mine :) Beautiful photos!


  • oh that ribbon is splendid.

  • Ohhh! I think the last one is my favorite. It’s so beautiful and graceful . . .

  • love your blog!! I´m going to put you on my blog list, check out mine, and mayby you will put me on your list??
    xoxo ;P

  • pink is also a color i’ve only grown to appreciate over the past few years, thanks to a gorgeous trina turk vintage-looking, tailored black coat- that opens up to reveal a postively gaudy, silky vibrant fuschia inside. i’ve worn it so much i’ve already had to get the lining replaced!

    and beautiful photos, as always.

  • What a fantastic post! Beautiful shots as always. I check your blog daily and really love it. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! You made my day!

  • Stunning photos. I love the one of the model climbing the fence!

  • ahhhh so relaxing. I don’t know how you do it. these images are magical. I’m loving the ribbons. :0

  • FUN post… LOVE it!

  • The colours are just amazing! Love the last three pictures. Pink has become one of my favourites in the last year (in contrast I’ve never worn it before ;-))
    Thank you for the great collection of photos!

  • I LOVE THE GOLD PILLOWS and the ribbon. Yum. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Gorgeous!!!! I love this post!!!

  • Pretty pretty.. I’m all about girly!!!!

  • I went through a compulsive Pretty In Pink phase that resulted into my father buying 3 cans of the perfect shade of pink for my bedroom. I still adore it.

  • Love the fishnet stockings against the chain link fence.

  • Very Nice.

  • I love the gold and warm pink in picture #3. It reminds me of the wedding post on Snippet & Ink today. Yummy!
    Karen B.

  • A beautiful collection of photo’s!

  • I agree— the top photo is my fave! :)

  • beautiful!! the top photo is amazing!! =)

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