{time-worn nostalgia}


There is a quiet, time-worn nostalgia about the home of Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen, the kind that evolves from years of travel and layers of memories from far-off places . . .

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  • How gorgeous, makes me want to redecorate.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just found your blog, its divine.

  • The images are breathtaking and captivating. Thank you for posting them.

  • Love this style! Lots of good old furniture and insteresting things to look at.

  • Jessie – love the idea of framing things that you love and keepsakes all together.

    Samantha Honey & Colette Rose – thank you.

    Easy and Elegant – wish I could offer some advice on hiding those unsightly cords, but there is a jumble at my pedicured toes as we speak . . . Have seen various covers and ties as options, but nothing that really and truly makes sense of the mass of wires . . . Perhaps a good topic for a follow-up post?

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful week so far. Always find it so inspiring to look at the workspaces of others, especially when they are filled with personal artifacts, such as this one.

  • Cute chic photos:)

  • So elegant! i love monochrome rooms

  • Such a lovely, calm workspace. Has inspired me to stick up some of my favourite photos, tear outs around my desk! Puts my mess of a workspace to shame!

  • Honestly, when I’m old and retired and have grandkids running around, I hope my home is filled with such fantastic memories. This is so cool.

  • Really beautiful, and somehow comforting and sweet…Makes me want to redecorate!

  • love the mood in these….

  • Really amazing place ))) I would love to work there )))

  • what an exceptionally beautiful blog you have –

  • the artichoke/cabbage leaf things are interesting yet pseudo puzzling.. despite the vegetables I love it!!!

  • What a wonderful work space. I can’t help but be a little in awe.

    And on a different note, I realize that most photogs dress the set before a shoot, but what does one do with all these damned cords? My laptop is connected to the printer, the modem (although it’s wireless I sacrifice speed when unplugged), the power strip, the speakers… it’s a mess. Ideas?

  • another beautiful post!!! i love the little fan on the desk. have a happy day =)

  • “There is a quiet, time-worn nostalgia about the home of Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen, the kind that evolves from years of travel and layers of memories from far-off places . . .”

    your words alone here paint such an ambiance… they say “a picture paints a thousand words”, but here not the case! lovely images, though, too.
    A nice bedtime reverie, thank you, goodnight:)

  • I always enjoy your choices – they are so beautiful and inspiring. That desktop inspires me to go and tidy mine. (But not right now). Perhaps I need a big clock like she has above her desk, something that can just tick away while I procrastinate. And then maybe an alarm can go off, or something. That will be cool.

  • i love that these spaces feel created over time. not many people do that anymore.

  • Gorgeous Images!!!

  • beautiful!

  • i really love the idea of this place. whenever i move to a new place, i tend to just bring the necessities and then let the look evolve as life happens there — ticket stubs, postcards, photographs. If i really like some things from my former place, I’ll frame them all together.

  • There is something so real and authentic about having some time worn beauty amidst the glamor!

  • I love each and every one of these imagines so much..Thank you!

  • what a beautiful serene workspace–inspiring as we change ours…

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