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Have long, side-swept bangs, but have always wanted full and playful short-cut ones, despite Andrew, my hairstylist’s sweet assurances that my heart-shaped face and delicate forehead may not be suitable for a full fringe, and since he looks like David Beckham and is never wrong when it comes to my hair, have agreed to admire the look from afar . . .

{stunning French girl via the fun and stylish play like a girl}

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  • hmmm…i suppose i’d listen to my hairstylist if he looked like david beckham too…Love the shoes (with the haircut)!

  • Wonderful!

  • Why is it only French girls can do that facial expression? My man would be putty in my hands if my eyes could go all melty like that!

  • Felicity – always forget that Aussies and Brits use the same terms – “nutter” and “chuffed” – also so very British :)

    As for a “delicate forehead”, you’ll have to ask Andrew, but think he meant the opposite of “strong” and “prominent”. As for the fringe, think I’m more a full volume, tousled hair girl, as opposed to sleek and straight.

  • Jessie & Easy – have I told you lately how much I love it when you stop by? :)

    Franki – LOL – a girl after my own heart — love the way you think!

  • Glamorous – you nutter you!! You make me laugh! Tell me – what constitutes a “delicate forehead” ?! :-)

    Anyway,- having seen your lovely forehead, smile and chin – but not – your (I’m sure) twinkly eyes- I think you’d look fab with a fringe :-)

  • My hair has been that style since I was 10! I have tried to change it, but nothing else works… {-_-}

    Lovely shoes!


  • let’s hear more about this hair stylist of yours, shall we? ;)

  • I just hate it too when I bring in a picture and want the exact cut and am told it might not be good for my face shape. I know part of the delusion on my part is thinking I’ll magically be transformed into the girl in picture with just a hair cut…wouldn’t that be great?
    Great photos, as always!

  • I go through the same thing about once a season… I like my hair short on the sides and back, parted, probably too old-fashioned looking. The rest of my little world likes me with longer hair. I figure since they’ve got to look at me more than I look at my reflection…. well it’s been three months since my last haircut…. summer, huh?

    Whatever you decide, I bet the world at large will chime in with one big “She is glamourous.”

  • French girls are so chic!
    I have read books and books about french woman but can not achieve that style!

  • aw, I love this look, but i’m sure you look plenty glamorous the way you are. :) P.S. love those shoes, too. you have such great taste!

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