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Have been trying desparately to find time to play with photography again, and every time I want to see the world through a lens, I find myself drawn to this Vogue IT shoot by Paolo Roversi.

A simple blank canvas . . . blissful, soft and ethereal lighting, and a quiet serenity that is almost like floating . . .

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{uploaded by: linka_lebedeva for foto decadent; publication: Vogue IT Mar 2006, photography: Paolo Roversi, models: Irina Lazareanu, Du Juan}

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  • franki — aren’t they amazing? There’s nothing like a really fantastic fashion editorial. And thanks for the vote of confidence on my photography :)

  • I also love those couture poses… the hunched back, the elbows out.

    I’d love to see your images if you jump back into photography yourself :)

  • truly unique style of photography. I like it too.

  • These are etherial and completely whimsical.. I love them they are truly magical.

  • Seesaw Designs + Melissa – hadn’t thought of these images as creepy or eerie until you mentioned it, but can definitely see it now, especially with the dark eye make-up and almost ghost-like shots . . .

    Melissa – things are wonderful, thanks for asking! Can completely understand the busy-ness – summer is always such a hectic {and fun} time. Hope your week is going beautifully so far.

  • fashion addict – love the description of “mysterious atmosphere, and the fact that it’s slightly unfocused really adds to this mood

    the lil bee – LOL – can always count on you for completely fun comments

    leslie – moody is a great way to describe Roversi’s work

    driftwood shack – “dreamy magic” sounds perfect!

  • LOVE these….the light is so beautiful.

  • Paolo Roversi is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite!

  • these are stunning images!

  • Wow, those are some almost eerie but definitely intriguing photos! Lovely!

    How are you my BFF? Miss chatting, but I’ll probably be MIA a lot over the next couple of weeks…things are getting busier by the hour!!



  • wow, these are lovely photos… slightly dark/almost creepy, but lovely.

  • you can’t beat using black and white with the odd gentle colour to create a pure and elegant atmosphere, and lose the focus a little on the right subject and you have a lovely dreamy magic- I wish I could do this!

  • I love these pics! I love the clothes, and the makeup is amazing!

  • These photographs leave me speechless. They’re pure art!

  • Italian Vogue is always such a fabulous source of inspiration. And WOW . . . these photographs are so beautiful!

  • He has been a favorite of mine for a while now….He never fails to blow me away. His images are always so moody and lots of texture. Gorgeous!!

  • These are sick-in-the-head gorgeous.

  • Very lovely!

  • OMG this is gorgeous. :)

  • these are amazing, definatly making my day better =)

  • There’s this kind of mysterious atmosphere to this editorial and I like it. I love how the pictures don’t look perfect or how the pint isn’t focused so well.

  • the photos are amazing, really!
    Paolo Roversi is one of my favorites photographer, specially, for the “soft and ethereal lighting” of his photography.

    Thanks for post this.

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