{the magic of henry clarke}


{1957 — joanna mccormick for chanel}

I remember the first time I fell in love with the work of Henry Clarke (1918-1996) — it was as if I were falling, falling into a world of impossible elegance and incredible sophistication . . .

Included are a few photographs not published in the original post. Although Clarke’s work reached its height in the 1950’s and 60’s, it will always remain timeless.

{1953 – suzy parker for mauboussin}

{1959 – rose-marie for givenchy}

{1959 — ann sainte-marie for saks}

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{images: scanned by frederic at fashion cosmos}

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  • Thanks for stopping in to say hello, Laura. Hope you had a great weekend.

  • First time here, love the images and ideas! I’ll certainly be back, keep up the great work.


  • Why thank you, E&E, and you raise an interesting point about the possiblility of life imitating art — modern photography can be much less elegant, and decidedly more crass {there are of course, exceptions}. One has to wonder, would more images like Clarke’s create more elegance in everyday life?

  • You know TIG, I can’t help wondering if there were more images like these published in today’s magazines, would our elegance quotient be raised a notch or two? How could one not want to look as soignée?

    Keep up the good work, you may foment revolution!

  • Ryder and Jennifer, thanks :)

    Rebecca, think this is your first comment, and thank you!

    Decortherapia — hello to Buenos Aires! {And welcome to all the new visitors who have stopped in to say hello this week}

  • I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented on your blog but I check it nearly every day. I just LOVE the things you post about! These pictures are stunning.

  • As usual you impeccable eye inspires me!

  • Simply stunning in their sheer beauty and elegance — look at the long graceful necks — look at the way the fabric clings then drapes around the model! Beauty distilled to its finest degree …. just imagine those gowns on the Red Carpet — or even as wedding gowns! Thanks for sharing such treasures with us ……

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  • Ooh I just love Henry Clarke and your blog ;)

    Thanks for the comment.
    Well, I admire Johnny Depp! Although I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore fanatic.
    I didn’t get that far along with the Johnny Depp marathon… I mean I did see a lot of movies with him, but definitely not all of them. Now I think I won’t be doing that for a while, especially since I’m going to be very busy in July.

    I hope you’re doing well and keep up the great work with your blog – it’s always inspirational to me! :)

  • Wow! Such amazing photos and glamour from the past. Totally stopped me in my tracks. Thanks so much for sharing!


  • I will echo the other fine remarks when I say this is one of the most breathtaking series of fashion photos I have seen to date. Thank you!

  • Timeless. There is no better word to describe the work of Henry Clark. Great blog & greetings from Buenos Aires!

  • Amazing. I simply love these pictures!

  • something about that era! so lady-like and glamorous. i love it!

  • these are so elegant.
    and thanks so much for the add. :)

  • Oh your incredible “eye” my friend! The “citrus interiors” yesterday & now these breathe-taking “black & whites”!…A treat for us all!…heidi XO

  • wow. these are stunning. Love your blog!

  • You can just tell this man had such an appreciation of women. Look at how luminous they all are! Far better than what passes for fashion photography nowadays.
    Love your blog!

  • To say that these are fabulous is a complete and utter understatement…

  • this is more than beautiful. really.

  • I love Henry Clarke’s work. I have many images of his in my LOVE files. Beautiful photo’s thank you for sharing! Keep it coming!

  • These are stunning. That pink dress…oh my…someday…

  • Jennifer said...

    Amazing, amazing, amazing… you never cease to impress me!

  • i have recently found your blog and have fallen in love with it. keep up the inspiring and lovely posts.

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