{happy weekend + and the winner is . . .}


{a letter from Sarah Watson:}
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the This is Glamorous Top Five Tuesday draw. It was so lovely to see such nice comments about our shower curtain, even if prompted by the prospect of a free one.

The Catherine shower curtain was designed by us here in London but it is actually made by wonderful linen factory in Lithuania. We designed it on paper before we’d even thought about fabric. We loved the idea of ruffles, but finding a linen that worked with them proved a real challenge, and in the end, our partner had to weave a fabric especially. We’ve only produced 150 – so they’re pretty special.

. . .

and the winner is . . .
Christine in Boston {Congratulations!}

The winner was randomly selected, but special mention must go to Marissa who used the term Victorian Pantalones: not used often enough and has made us begin to think about other fabulous designs. Suzy with the Irving Berlin poem, and Chellie D for being the first person to electronically bat eyelashes at us. Oh, and All Things Bright and Beautiful for persistence and making us chuckle! And finally, Heather, we absolutely think more young boys should be surrounded by ruffles.


{Have a great Friday the 13th and a fantastic weekend, everyone!}

Christine, please e-mail your contact information, and the parcel will be shipped from London, England
{images: “Republican Party” by Bruce Weber for W July 2002}

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  • Yoli, it was a draw held here over the past week, and all readers had to do to enter was leave a comment.

    Katie — venturing over for a visit now . . .

  • Congrats to the winner!

    OH! Tag, your it! I hope you come visit me and read the rules/questions! i look forward to your answers. :)

  • Congratulations “C”! It was a fun attempt.

    One Shot Beyond Photography & A little More>

  • How beautiful. How do you enter these contests?

  • Better luck next time, Felicity :) Hope you’re having an amazing time away.

    Just wanted to clarify that the winner is Christine in Boston, and it’s Christine in DC’s birthday, to avoid any confusion.

  • Congrates to Christine,the ruffled shower curtain sounds dreamy and thanks for making my weekend special by commenting on my Dancing Doc Design post on life giving friendships! Hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.

  • Oh well Glamorous – I tried !! :-)

    Congrats Christine and what a lovely birthday present for you by the sounds of it!!

    “Electronically batting eyelashes” !! Well Ive heard it all now ! :-) – Makes me smile – I like it!! I’ll have to try it – but who to practice on ?

  • Lucky winner! Enjoy the delicious curtain! ^_^


  • These pictures make me wish I was a beautiful princess…

  • thanks for visiting my blog. yours always had the most gorgeous images — like these! have a lovely weekend.
    – Jessie –

  • Happy weekend to you, as well, Angel. Beginning to think all weekends should be filled with pink ruffles and tiaras . . .

    Thanks to everyone who stopped in for the draw, and Felicity, so sorry you didn’t win, despite your numerous entries :)

    Also, Happy Birthday! to Glamorous reader Christine in DC.

    Have a lucky day, everyone, and a lovely, happy weekend!

  • She looks like a princess. So elegant, so stylish and so nice.

    Have a nice weekend.


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