{beauty sleep}


. . . running stunningly low on beauty sleep, but lovely to busy and caught up in the excitement of it all . . . not certain if it’s the amazingly calming colour palette, but couldn’t imagine a more lovely place to lay luxuriously about . . .

{images by gemma comas}

20 Notes
  • Love the branches in the vases…it adds a nice touch of life into any room.

  • The simple beauty of nature and architecture– what a lovely scene.

  • I can alomost feel the breeze….stunning in every way!

  • Kathy — unfortunately, because the photos came from the photographer’s portfolio, the focus was on the images, and no information was given about the lovely, lovely bedding.

    the lil bee — you’re too funny!

  • I am with you. I could crawl into this bed and pass out for hours.

    And the nice thing is, when I wake up, I’d look just like that lovely Audrey Hepburn type in the little black dress and pearls below. So, really, it’s a win-win.

  • you’re making me sleepy!

  • what a fabulous bed and linens! Any idea as to the designer/manufacturer of the linens?? I’m in love!

  • Wow, echo, good to know :) Wonder if the bed was set up this way for the shoot to take advantage of the horizontal slats of light coming from the stairs? Just a thought . . .

  • lovely, very pretty… but really, really, really bad feng shui placement for the person… sleeping with the head under the stairs, and having a pillar that energetically “cuts” horizontally above the legs…sorry.

  • sssshhhhhhhhhh… I’m trying to imagine sleeping in that lovely soft and romantic bed.

  • Beautiful – I love neutrals!


  • I love the chalky soft colours perfect for sleeping!

  • wonderful bed, love the colour…

  • I love these colors. They do look really camling. Not to mention that bed which I want to climb right into, even though I just got out of bed!

  • Deb, your comment is so pensive and pretty.

    Erin, thank you! {And it’s the same banner as always . . .}

  • OK, is this a new banner, or is it me? And why does your blog look so STUNNING today? Eek!

    I love it. ;)

  • have been thinking lately of a pale and gentle palette, maybe because Spring is becoming Summer–kind of a wispy time…

  • loving the bright room with soft pink touches today….one is at fifi’s too.

  • All I need is my sleeping mask and I’m in.

  • Perhaps I wouldn’t be such an insomniac if I had a bed as perfectly comfortable looking as this one!

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