{top five things i can’t live without}


{photography by Juliana Sohn}

Always new and exciting things happening, including a new feature, Top Five Tuesdays: discovering fun and intriguing things about fun and intriguing people . . .

First up is the very cool and down-to-earth Monika Eyers, Contributing Editor, London, for domino magazine, who shares her list of the Top Five Things She Can’t Live Without . . .

{iPod Touch}

ipod touch to organize my life: I tried desperately to go the pen & paper diary route but there is something so useful about having everything there at the click of a button. Calendar, contacts, google maps, music, etc. I never leave home with out my ipod touch (I’m waiting for next year’s improvements before upgrading to the iphone). Now I scribble out the dates on my gorgeous old Smythson diary and use it as a notebook instead.

{must confess that I also love my iPod Touch, relying on it to catch up on the latest runway shows through video podcasts . . .}

{Peugeot herb chopper}

Moving to London has miraculously domesticated me in the kitchen. I am borderline obsessed with my wooden handled Peugeot herb chopper. It does the trick in seconds and makes me feel like a bona-fide chef!

{Dyptique Chene candle}

There is something so lovely about walking into a home that smells good. It’s like being in Paris where every shop and hotel exudes a sultry fragrance. Dyptique’s Chene candle is my scent of choice and rarely a day goes by where the candle isn’t lit for an hour. I recently found out they are soon discontinuing the Chene room spray (eek!) and have since stocked up on that as well.

{Peonies in May}

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. They smell as gorgeous as they look and as all good things must come to an end, they have a torturously short season. For this reason, come the 1st of May, I make sure to have a constant supply of fresh bunches at home for as long as possible. They always make a room feel just a little bit more special but run, don’t walk, they’ll be gone in just a few weeks!

{Waterworks baskets}

I have a bit of a reputation for being a hoarder when it comes to papers, magazines, newspapers, etc. Without my trusty natural abaca baskets from Waterworks, my husband would surely divorce me. They keep the chaos neat and tidy and I especially love that they have handles for easy transport – you never know which room you’ll want to settle down in and getting sorting.